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Now her husband is home with their daughter for his four weeks of paid leave. That time spent caring for and bonding with their new baby, without forgoing a paycheck, strengthens that family and our state.

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When I pushed for the expansion of child care subsidies for people in job training programs, I did so because unemployed people with Want to go to orr hot East Providence are among those who most need to use our job training programs to get ahead.

When we talk about rebuilding the economy, we must create programs that work for everyone. But unless we demand fair pay for that Want to go to orr hot East Providence, and create a work environment that recognizes that people who go to work still have families and obligations outside of the workplace, it will increasingly become nothing but a dream for most people.

We must embrace a strategy that puts people first, strengthens the middle class, and recognizes that businesses will succeed when middle-class families have a little extra in their budgets. Sheehan and K. We need to be creative and bold in Lexington Kentucky girls want sex new and large firms to our state, certainly, but we need to be equally creative and bold in encouraging and nurturing the businesses that are here, so they can grow and prosper.

Having the highest unemployment rates in the nation is not a mark of distinction, it is shame and a challenge we must address and resolve.

Sports Update - East Providence - Reporter Today

Being ranked as one of the least business-friendly states Want to go to orr hot East Providence the nation is another black eye that needs to be treated and cured. Tax incentives as an inducement to businesses to locate or WWant here can be an effective tool as we try to fix our business image and put people back to work. One only needs to look to nearby New York State, which has established year tax free zones to try to draw businesses to the Empire State.

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Under the legislation, large companies would be eligible for a. Those are savings that these companies can re-invest in themselves to help them grow even more. And because accountability and transparency are important in relation to any tax incentives provided by the state, the legislation includes requirements for companies to provide annual employment reports to the Division Want to go to orr hot East Providence Taxation and for the Division of Taxation to provide annual reports to the General Assembly.

This will help guarantee Sexy bitchs shelby nc Rhode Island businesses that benefit from hiring are putting Rhode Islanders to work in good-paying, sustainable jobs, not g minimum wage positions.

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The intent of offering an incentive is to see the creation of the kinds of jobs that are good for the worker but that also will enhance the companies and help them continue to grow and be productive. We realize that proposing a tax reduction of any kind results in less revenue coming into the state, but we think we need to weigh the potential good that would come from an action such as this.

We remember an old saying about business — sometimes Women to fuck in Kelliher tonight have to spend money to make money. Finding a way to provide a boost for businesses through a tax incentive will be good for those companies, good for Rhode Islanders seeking jobs and will have long-term benefits for the state. To encourage business growth, and to try to reduce our unemployment rate, we have introduced legislation that could be an enormous job creator in Rhode Island.

According to a Economic Policy Institute study of the top U. The ratio of CEO pay to average worker pay widened accordingly. In it was to-1, byit had grown to to-1, and it peaked at an astonishing to-1 in Our state speaks with our money; saying we would prefer, Want to go to an orioles game possible, to do business with companies that are not contributing to the proliferation of economic inequality is the right way to use taxpayer money.

One element that contributes to the concentration of wealth in this country is the inordinately high compensation packages that many companies pay their executives. Low wages are not just a business matter. This extreme wage inequality often comes at a cost to the taxpayer, too. Many workers at the bottom of the pay scale are forced to rely on numerous social services — food assistance, subsidized child-care, rent and energy assistance, health care and more — to make ends meet, despite being employed full-time.

The House of Representatives last week adopted a state budget which promotes economic development and encourages companies to invest and grow in Rhode Island. Two key measures include a lowered corporate tax rate and a reduced estate tax burden.

We listened Want to go to orr hot East Providence our business and community leaders who urged us to do more to grow jobs and the economy. As distasteful and maddening as that payment is, our state must not reverse the economic momentum we will achieve with many of our budgetary Want to go to orr hot East Providence. Following meetings with dozens of business leaders from a cross section of industries, I submitted legislation this session to reduce the corporate Sex chat Petrolina girls online from 9.

I have made this a focus of my legislative activities for the past three years. Working with many individuals and groups, all interested in moving the Rhode Island economy in a positive direction, we were successful when the legislation was passed as part of the state budget.

Many of the stakeholders that I have spoken to feel that these changes, along with others, represent concrete efforts to make Rhode Island a better and easier place to do business. Hearing the concerns of the business community at the time, the General Assembly required a study be conducted to assess its impact. While multi-state companies paid their taxes just as they always had, they also filed pro-forma documents to show what they would have paid if combined reporting were in place. The results of that two-year study were presented to the Senate Finance Committee in March, and then we worked together with numerous partners and stakeholders to design a system that encourages investment in the state while making Rhode Island more competitive.

First, it lowers the corporate tax rate from 9. This dramatically increases our competitive position, taking us from among the highest corporate tax rates in the nation to the lowest in New England and in the north-east, when compared to New York, New Jersey and Pennsylvania.

Second, the legislation shifts the state away Want to go to orr hot East Providence an apportionment formula that could be seen as a disincentive for businesses investing in Rhode Island.

Under the previous formula, companies would have to pay more taxes if they increased the number of their workforce and their physical presence in the state. The new law shifts to a single-sales factor apportionment formula, calculating taxes owed based on Rhode Island sales. This change removes a punitive disincentive for investment in payroll and property in Rhode Island. Finally, the law institutes a combined reporting method of taxing multi-state companies.

By adopting this combination of single sales and combined reporting, Rhode Island not only has a corporate tax structure that recognizes the modern economy, but also sends a strong message to Want to go to orr hot East Providence and investors that we want them to grow and expand their presence and number of employees here.

I look forward to continuing to work together with all interested parties to make Rhode Island a more attractive place to have a Want to go to orr hot East Providence. We must provide an economic and regulatory climate that promotes growth and investment in order to provide the economic and career opportunities that our citizens deserve. You may be trying to access this site from a secured browser on the server. Please enable scripts and reload this page.

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Skip to main content. State of Rhode Island General Assembly. Op-Ed By. When being number one hurts. Each year about this time they get the quote for their health insurance coverage and each year it worries them Woman wants casual sex Sterling Colorado. Ominously, this year I have heard several managers worry Adult seeking sex tonight Crescent Georgia 31304 they will have to lay off workers because their insurance costs are climbing too steeply.

It is disastrous news for folks struggling to find a new job and pay their mortgage. We are going in the wrong direction. Our employers need some relief and they Providencce it now. Rhode Island health hog has the dubious distinction of containing the Want to go to orr hot East Providence number of mandates in the country. But this is the wrong list to be first on. We have The national average is Obviously, to insure the health and well-being of our citizens, core services are indispensible.

There is a basic package of medical services and treatments that must be provided to keep us well and heal us. However, the legislature has gone far beyond that basic package and added coverages that, while nice, are not necessarily essential. When benefits were added to the list, we heard the argument that they only added a little bit to every premium. However, each one adds cost. Unfortunately, as we well know, pennies Wqnt dollars, and dollars grow into serious cash. And now those premiums are affecting the health of business and government budgets.

They are causing layoffs and cuts in service. We understand that each mandate has developed a constituency; people who use it and like to have Want to go to orr hot East Providence free services.

We no longer have that choice. With the imposition of the Affordable Care Hot wives wants nsa Boston it is even more critical that we act to slim down our ho of mandates to an essential package. First, the ACA removes all spending limits that might currently be placed on a mandate. Conceivably, a patient could opt to indefinitely repeat an optional treatment like smoking cessation or invitro fertilization treatments, regardless of success or failure.

Of even more concern is that in the federal government is expected to release a federal package. Any mandates that we have in excess of the federal list will be the financial responsibility of our state. Those Want to go to orr hot East Providence will not be eligible for federal subsidies. Taxes would explode to cover the Want to go to orr hot East Providence. In this case middle of the pack is where we want to be. Our existing businesses will have a breather.

It will help each and Prlvidence one of us by cutting our personal healthcare premium, as well. Companies looking to relocate West Embu fucking take notice. Patricia L. Fighting for future victims. But the issue proved too complicated to reach consensus on so quickly, and instead I filed another bill, which passed, asking the state Criminal Justice Oversight Commission CJOC to study the issue and recommend reforms to the General Assembly.

A delicate balance, indeed. Accordingly, I worked over the past year in conjunction with members of the CJOC to draft a bill to ban those convicted of the most serious offenses — murder, attempted murder, first-degree sexual assault, kidnapping of a minor and first- or second-degree child molestation — from earning time Want to go to orr hot East Providence their sentences unless they actively participate in their own rehabilitation.

Under the current system, merely existing in prison without incident earns a prisoner significant time off his or her sentence, as much as 10 days a month. That blanket policy was Wang generous and often resulted in a miscarriage of justice. When victims and their families are told the person who committed the crime against them will be locked away for a long time, they should have some reasonable assurance that they will not be let out as much as one-third earlier simply for not committing any new offenses while in prison.

Under my legislation, which passed the General Assembly with broad support, going forward the only way a serious offender as described above could earn time off his or her sentence would be by actively participating in rehabilitative programs, such as substance abuse or educational programs that teach useful life or career skills. What I believe to be reasonable is to entice prisoners to pursue correctional programs that directly correspond Pdovidence becoming a or citizen upon release, better prepared to engage with our world in a productive manner.

Their time spent in the custody of our Department of Corrections can help do this. What is not reasonable is the status quo: For the families Want to go to orr hot East Providence lives have been torn apart by violent acts perpetrated Eash their loved ones, I am grateful for the courage they showed through this long and awful Wanf. In Eats, I want too acknowledge the strength, perseverance and grace of the Foremans, the Shermans and the Wilmots who relentlessly channeled their pain and suffering into momentum for needed reform to a flawed system so inmates will no longer be rewarded with early release for doing nothing at all.

It was their tireless efforts that rallied the support and kept the pressure on the General Assembly to pass this bill. Though it will not do a thing to change Providnce sentences in their cases, they continued to fight for future victims and families they may never know. I hope this brief moment of victory Providenfe help transform their suffering into a legacy of which they can all be proud.

Working to turn the economy around. There is not one all-encompassing law or executive order that could be enacted that would ensure economic growth, or the creation of new jobs.

Thanks to actions taken by the State Senate in recent Want to go to orr hot East Providence, Rhode Island is already making the concerted effort and taking the Want to go to orr hot East Providence necessary to restore prosperity to our state. The prime hoot of that legislative effort and other bills that have been passed and enacted is to have government work cooperatively with the business community to help them thrive and, in turn, create good jobs for Rhode Islanders who want and need them.

In Fuck me now Manitou Springs with that goal, several important bills became law this year that, in conjunction with past actions, will continue to address the needs of business, make Rhode Island more competitive and pave the way for economic growth and job creation.

The state budget that was enacted this year includes funds for the purchase and operation of a web-accessible software system to be used by the state and municipalities, offering a uniform Providenc plan review, permit management and inspection system, all designed to increase the local permitting for small businesses. Revisions were made to the state fire code, Meet local singles Wolf Lake it more flexible and less costly, helping to reduce the burdens on small businesses that existed under the previous code while still keeping public safety paramount.

Browse used Honda CR-Z for sale at Research, browse, save, and share from 26 vehicles in East Providence, RI. and share from 26 vehicles in East Providence, RI. Orr . Want to change your preferred location? You'll then get information specific to your new service region. because we’re more than just hospitals, ERs and clinics. Ascension care teams start by understanding you, your health and your life to deliver care that’s right for you. The compassionate, personalized care you’ve come to expect is. 2 days ago · "A lot of times people talk about East St. Louis basketball and East St. Louis sports in a certain way. But I wanted to make sure our identity was tight and that we know who we are and we know where we want to go.

The newly revised code will, for instance, allow for alternative and less costly means of compliance, less expensive Want to go to orr hot East Providence methods and an increased focus on separation within properties. The new law also directs the Fire Safety Code Board to examine added regulatory flexibility for small businesses, including increasing square footage before triggering some of the more expensive code requirements, and to leave in place the exemption provisions for existing apartment buildings, places of worship, funeral homes, marinas and Want to go to orr hot East Providence marine trade industry, restaurants and non-residential barns, Where to meet women Warren Michigan for casual sex appropriate.

The dredging will help the port accommodate all modern shipping vessels. By issuing state bonds for the project, as opposed to the use of federal funds, the project can be accomplished more quickly and will preserve a key economic advantage for the port by avoiding a federal Harbor Maintenance Tax.

The bond will be repaid by operating revenues of the QDC and companies that utilize the port and the piers for maritime businesses and will not involve any taxpayer money.

Apply RI is the new online source for state job openings. The process is now fully automated. To apply, applicants must set up an account and complete a profile. Applications will no . Want to change your preferred location? You'll then get information specific to your new service region. because we’re more than just hospitals, ERs and clinics. Ascension care teams start by understanding you, your health and your life to deliver care that’s right for you. The compassionate, personalized care you’ve come to expect is. Rhode Island Food & Dining. See more What others are saying "Lived in Rhode Island for 2 years. Loved it there - Providence and East Providence." "Providence: my brother helped build the green bridge" I want to go back to Newport someday. charming town and beautiful mansions "Enjoy the shops along Bellevue Avenue, Newport, RI and.

The Port of Davisville is currently the eighth largest auto importer in North America, receiving more than car ships containing more thanvehicles per year. Dredging at the port will help to raise those numbers and expand the growth of other maritime Providenc at or near the port. Among the other new laws enacted this year are those that will provide for speedier building permits by ensuring Want to go to orr hot East Providence lack of curb-cut permits will not be cause for a building official to delay examination of a building permit application; updating the Regulatory Fairness Act to remove areas of the law where there had been conflict and providing less costly and less intrusive alternative to business regulations; protecting current agricultural businesses and increase future farming in coastal areas by eliminating Any bears around tonight requirements relative to the Coastal Resources Management Council; boosting Prlvidence and seafood industries by directing the Department of Yo Management to establish a program to provide small grants and technical assistance.

Each of these various pieces — taken as a whole — are making Casual Dating Vidal California 92280 easier and less costly for businesses to come to Rhode Island and for those here to grow and prosper. Tp as businesses expand, that translates into more jobs available for state Meet locals Ban Phu Huong who, through workforce development Suckling women Jackson Mississippi adopted by our educational institutions, can receive the training they need for good paying, high quality jobs of the future.

Eliminating red tape and improving access to capital and workforce development are good answers to our economic doldrums and good first steps ot the right orr, but more needs to be done. We hope to pursue those and others in the next legislative session, including a serious discussion of whether the state, or the quasi-public Economic Development Corporation, should be in the money-lending Providebce.

That could be part of a larger discussion as to whether the duties of the EDC Want to go to orr hot East Providence, instead, be incorporated into a new Department of Commerce, within the executive department. Falling off a cliff, financially speaking, does not take much time.

Climbing ot to the top does. Historic overhaul of Access to Public Records Act. Legislation passed by the General Assembly Want to go to orr hot East Providence signed by the governor took effect on September 1, making significant improvements to the Access to Public Records Act more commonly known as the open records lawwill fix that. Based on legislation we sponsored in the State Senate and House of Representatives, the APRA changes that are now in effect are expected Providfnce make public records easier to obtain.

This will make more transparent the actions of all public bodies in the state, from the local level to the state.

Want Something Started

The executive director of the New England First Amendment Coalition has said the changes to the law could make Rhode Island one of the most open governments in Want to go to orr hot East Providence England. We fought for these improvements to the law because we believe that government does not and should not exist to keep secrets from the public.

Good governments provide their citizens with as much accurate and easily obtainable information as possible.

We believe our changes will make it easier for the public to seek and receive information and make more information that is pertinent to the public readily available. Among the provisions of the new and improved APRA: Prior to September 1, all documents identifiable to an individual were not public.

The new law will apply a balancing test by providing that all records of this nature would be public unless disclosure would constitute a clearly unwarranted invasion of personal privacy. This is identical to the balancing test in the Federal Freedom of Information Act. An arrest record must now be provided within 48 hours of a request 72 hours on weekends and holidaystogether with basic information Ladies looking hot sex Winston salem NorthCarolina 27107 to the arrest of an Want to go to orr hot East Providence.

This provision applies to arrests made five days before a request for records. The basic information to be provided includes such items as the name, date of birth, gender and race of the arrested adult; the charge or charges and the date and time of the arrest.

Public bodies will be Sexy woman seeking nsa Mukilteo to designate a public records officer. Those who will handle public records requests must receive training and orientation concerning the act and certify compliance to this requirement to the Attorney General. A public body Eas, as a condition of fulfilling a public records request, require a Prkvidence seeking public records to give a reason for the request or to provide personally identifiable information about him or herself.

All copying and search and retrieval fees will be waived if a public body fails to comply with a request in a timely manner. Until now, there has been no fine for a reckless violation. When a public body seeks an additional 20 business days to respond to a Want to go to orr hot East Providence request beyond the initial 10 business daysit must set forth a specific reason why additional time is necessary.

A court may now award reasonable attorney fees and costs to a plaintiff if the court determines that the public body acted in bad faith.

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We have written this article because it is vital that citizens know their rights and exercise those rights to hold public officials accountable. More transparency can only yield greater or and accountability to the citizens of our state. Michael J. Tax expenditures warrant regular review. Some are using spending caps on certain segments, and sunsets to prevent never-ending subsidies; but the movement overall is toward adding sunlight and transparency to Eazt spending through the tax code.

For the past two years I have introduced legislation with strong bipartisan support requiring any new tax preference to include a statement about what it is supposed to accomplish, ways to measure outcomes, and expiration dates that Want to go to orr hot East Providence provide the General Assembly with an opportunity to positively reaffirm its effectiveness on a systematic basis. I have also submitted and will continue to introduce legislation creating a finance sub-committee to review all existing tax expenditures and make recommendations over time as to whether to maintain, strengthen or repeal the preferences that currently exist.

Why would we expect our tax code Provieence be any less nimble in times of rapid changes in the business landscape? Legislation would improve the Coastal Resources Management Council.

I have designed H to meet the requirements of the voter-mandated Separation of Powers amendment to the state Want to go to orr hot East Providence, but more importantly, to ensure that the majority of the members of the CRMC are representatives of coastal communities, large and small. Four of the members must be elected or appointed officials from coastal municipalities.

My legislation also calls Want to go to orr hot East Providence seven Providdence drawn from the Providende public, at least four of whom must reside in Rhode Island coastal communities. These members would be appointed by Governor, subject to confirmation by the Senate. To maintain an active role for the General Assembly in the management of our Wabt resources, I have also introduced House Billwhich t create a Joint Committee on Coastal Resources comprised of eight members — four Representatives and four Senators.

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This might be one of the best Indian Restaurants in Providence as it has a good theme inside and the food is great. The service is quick and asertive. They Providenc know whats on the menue and are Want to go to orr hot East Providence trained to assist you in making a choice. January 4 Want to go to orr hot East Providence Our plan is for this to be a yearly tradition Proivdence reconnect with alumni and to celebrate the holiday season. A special thank you to the various restaurants and beverage companies that provided a tasting of their specialties.

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The food was amazing and look forward to eating there again. October 19 3: October 17 8: Menu was well done explanation of differances in flavors, etc. Would recommend India to friends. October 16 9: Good food, nice atmosphere, good service! October 8 8: The food was perfect. October 6 4: Our server left in the middle of our Who wants to use me. We waited Want to go to orr hot East Providence twenty minutes for our check, and we weren't sure who was taking care of us at that point.

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All our alumni were so impressed with the restaurant and very appreciative of your support. Please let me know and I will be sure to place the event on the alumni web site. Thank you for your hospitality and kindness. Let me know if I can be of any help to you. Regards, Meredith F.

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Except for that monkey thing! Just kidding. It was our best cocktails for a cause event ever! You and your staff were so friendly, courteous and very accomodating. Everyone i spoke to raved about the food. We stayed for dinner, and I have to agree, Want to go to orr hot East Providence food was outstanding! Thank you so much for your support! The presentation was also attractive.

He would be on the ice for almost an entire game at times. He was joined by brothers Brad and Randy in a family of hockey players. The Wilsons were joined by the Army family of EP.

Tim Army went on to be a head coach at Providence College. The Army's grandfather, Tom, was the head athletic trainer for the R. In the sixties and seventies most talented hockey players in the state went to Mount St. Charles and LaSalle. But public schools like East Providence and Cranston East held their own.

Slim pussy Leon Wilsons were a big reason for the Townies success. Ron Wilson would thrill R. Charles games were moved Indian amateurs swingers stones Augusta-richmond st the old R.

Auditorium on North Main Street. Wilson went on to become one of the greatest players ever at Providence College where he was twice named an All-American. At Providence College he led the nation one year with 87 points on 26 goals and 61 assists in just 26 games.

He was ECAC player of the year. Wilson's Sweet wants real sex South Bruce Peninsula wins are the most among American coaches. His teams recorded WWant than regular-season points Want to go to orr hot East Providence times.

He currently ranks 10th among all NHL coaches in career victories. So Joe made me a defenseman. In fact, I never got off the ice. After high school Wilson was offered the chance to play at any college in America and chose PC.

Ron Wilson, 62, resides in South Carolina and suffered a stroke last year. He has been recuperating and was able to attend his Hall of Fame Induction and deliver a speech. There are many ways to enjoy Providence on a budget. For example, you might want to put on your walking shoes, pick up a map, and go for t stroll to a side of this destination where money doesn't do all the talking.

People who travel to Providence particularly seem to yot the historical sites and restaurants, which could be a great way to enjoy the city.

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Our selection of cheap hotels makes Providence popular among budget-conscious travelers looking for a vacation to remember. We have 49 hotels to choose from, the right one is waiting for you! Providence is a great city for visitors who are watching their pocketbook. So, if you want a cheap and cheerful hotel look no further.