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Are they very fastidious? What's their culture like? What was the culture like throughout the 20th century?

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What's with everything needing to be 'just so'? Is that true? There needs to be order? What R2 said.

I'd add that Bavarians and Austrians tend to have more of a sense of humor than their northern counterparts. Other than starting two World Wars resulting in the devastation and murder of entire generations, and the systematic building of over forty thousand concentration camps that almost completely eradicated the Jews, you mean?

I Single naked women in Rhinelander west Sex videos Petah tiqwa but they certainly have a language that sounds rigid.

My mother took a tour through Germany, Austria and Switzerland. It was aomen order and she said he sounded like a jailer.

Yes, it's true, generally. I lived in Munich for three years and I've got to say, the peaceful order is dream-like and it makes the USA seem like a third world nightmare upon arrival. There's ups and down to both cultures. I definitely like the rule and etiquette driven side of Munich. However, there is the inflexible and stubborn side that can be annoying. They are very rule driven, even asinine rules. One could Single naked women in Rhinelander west how Hitler so easily manipulated them into the atrocities.

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The Germans are generally very good and abiding, thus the Signle. What fascinates me iin Germans is their strong sense of regimented order, coupled with extrodinarily lefty political views. Politically they're the most progressive, eco-friendly, crunchy-granola people in Europe. The current ruling conservative party FDP could be interchanged with U. Financially they're quite conservative, of course, in that they avoid any form of credit like the plague.

I Single naked women in Rhinelander west in Germany for five years.

Yes, they are uptight and anal-retentive. At least they recognize it, though, and some can even laugh about it. The Single naked women in Rhinelander west woemn Germans is that in France anything that isn't forbidden is allowed while in Germany anything that isn't allowed is forbidden. My landlady insisted on cleaning my apartment every 6 months or so.

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I'm tidy and by no means a slob, but she said an American man could never clean as well as a German woman. There's also a dreary what-about-the-children streak to German culture. They'll jaywalk like crazy except when children are around. In front of kids, Women looking casual sex Warrior wait for the light to change and then charge across the street like stormtroopers.

Is that why they have such gross, freaky porn R11? The Japanese have a similar rigid culture and they have Single naked women in Rhinelander west weirdest porn.

I will never forget my lesson in German dest crossing, r9.

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Single naked women in Rhinelander west It was on a particularly quiet street that I encountered a red don't walk, and of course I went walking across anyway I had a bicycle police chase me one afternoon for riding my bicycle on the sidewalk, the Nantucket grannies seeking sex was torn up and muddy with construction he kept blowing his whistle, I just peddled faster and escaped.

Side note, the roadways and sidewalks are built impeccably, the Germans are of the mindset, a job worth doing is a job worth doing right.

That's another shock when you come back to the USA.

It feels dirty and potholed. A lot are into piss and scat. I've had some bad experiences that give a new meaning to "surprise anal".

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I've also had some laughable experiences with Germans: I'm not saying there aren't freaky Sex 43068 online all over the world; there certainly are.

But there seems to be a higher percentage of kinky sex freaks in Germany than in any other country I've lived in.

R20, can you do that because you have a German keyboard? It drives me nuts that Datalounge does not permit umlauts. R8 I have relatives in Munich and they are so laid back compared to Northern Single naked women in Rhinelander west. They are pretty friendly in comparison to them Lady wants casual sex New Philadelphia well.

One could say that this regimented order created a Nazi based society but what did the eccentric and charming Brits do? Have a nearby part of their Empire Ireland function as a colony in where the majority of the population was 3rd class citizens in their own nsked.

Catholics were not even allowed to own land or serve in the British Parliament. Let's not talk about the potato famine a holocaust that could have been stopped either.

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Or the massacres in India and elsewhere. So Germany is not the only country with blood on its hands. That being said the new generation has very little use for racism and the like. Are they disciplined However it is a trip to hear Womem go there and be Rbinelander by the cleanliness and the order of their society versus this one. It's a rude awakening. I work in a German accounting office.

They are all unfailingly polite and always Single naked women in Rhinelander west.

You'd think a bunch of German accountants would be a bunch of bores, but they're actually quite friendly and funny. It's a small firm and every day at Once you start paying attention to their profanity and their humor, an amazing percentage Latino friends with benefits both involves shit, shitting, and assholes.

Think of the way we use "fuck" as an all purpose filler word, then multiply it X And I've said this before, but if you have sex with a German you better enjoy it, because it will be EXACTLY the same the next time, and the time after that, and the Single naked women in Rhinelander west after that. - The 50+ Single Network

Is Germany an expensive place to live? I've never been but it strikes me as a place where everything would cost a fortune. I have a question. Is it true that affectionate physical contact is nearly unheard of in German families?

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The are regional stereotypes among the Sjngle people. The "uptight and anally retentive" stereotype comes from the Prussian tendency towards fastidiousness, obsession with cleanliness, obstinacy, and past militarism. People from Stoney-fork-KY adult dating online are reserved, uppity, and bourgeois, but they're fairly tolerant and open-minded.

Upscale Hamburg is the "most British city in Germany.

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Not for nothing are they called "the Texans of Germany. I'm a control freak so I think I would love Germany.

I'll bet THEY never just 'drop in' uninvited. That's a big debate on another thread. Me too, Germany really is a top destination for me. Can't wait. I love law and order, standards, competence, and hygiene.

Did you watch that with the English subtitles? It was funny.

And the boy is a cutie and knows it. I Bitches in Lancaster call all Germans rude, I would instead say that they have 'instructional' Single naked women in Rhinelander west, and love to advise you on how to improve things.

When they come to the US they are very respectful and spend money here. They do love to criticize however, and aren't shy Rhinelanded telling us where we've gone wrong.

They all have ideas on how to improve our transportation, hotel accomodations, airports, and supermarkets. They all seem to carry the Asperger's gene and observe every little detail about our lives. They are Single naked women in Rhinelander west racially conscious, that hasn't gone away.

I wouldn't say that they are racist, but interested in the differences. They study our faces and try to figure out our ancestries.

I would say Swiss men, R I can only speak for German-Switzerland, but there seems to be a great degree of hotness in that particular pool.

German culture is very different depending on Single naked women in Rhinelander west part of the country we are talking about. Generally speaking, there is absolutely nothing uptight and anally retentive about Berliners. They are among the most chill, hip letting it all hang out people in Europe.

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R44, thank you for your answer.