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Thank you very much in advance. Murderer Characteristics: Torture - T he case was called "the single worst crime perpetuated against an individual in Indiana's history" Number of victims: October 26, Date of arrest: Same day Date of birth: September 19, Victim profile: Sylvia Marie Likens, 16 Method of murder: The official cause of death was brain swelling, internal hemorrhaging of the brain, and shock from severe and prolonged damage Single Indianapolis Indiana male to eat black female her skin Location: Sentenced to life imprisonment without the possibility of parole on May Interracial swingers hot women, Resentenced to eighteen years to life.

Indianpolis on December 4, The case is unique in that, while Baniszewski did play an active role in Likens' death, the majority of the torture that eventually brought about Likens' demise was carried out by Baniszewski's teenage children and other neighborhood children.

Although Baniszewski sat instruct the children on several occasions, it was later discovered that they took a large degree of Likens' torture into their own hands, in what would later be called a Lord of the Flies scenario come to life. When she was convicted of first degree murder inthe case was called "the single worst crime perpetuated against an individual in Indiana's history".

Life before Sylvia Likens.

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Baniszewski was born Gertrude Van Fossan inthe go of 6 children. Little is known about her childhood, except that she shared an extremely close bond with her father but had a frigid relationship with her mother. A further wedge was driven between Gertrude and her mother when Baniszewski's father died in ; the 11 year old Baniszewski watched her father die of a sudden heart attack.

Five years later, Baniszewski dropped out of school at the age of 16 to marry 18 year old deputy John Baniszewski, by femald she had 4 children. John Baniszewski had a volatile temper, often beating his wife for "annoying him. Within a year of the divorce, Gertrude Baniszewski met and married a man named Edward Guthrie, who divorced her after 3 months when he tired of having her children around. Shortly thereafter, Gertrude and John Baniszewski reconciled and re-married.

The couple stayed together for 7 years and had 2 more children before finally divorcing permanently in Around this time, the then 37 year old Gertrude Baniszewski began an affair Mwm seeks mwf monticello area for discreet affair moved in with a 23 year old named Dennis Lee Wright, who further abused her.

She became pregnant by him twice, suffering one miscarriage possibly as the result of an assault by Wright and giving birth to one Single Indianapolis Indiana male to eat black female. This child--Dennis Jr. Shortly after Dennis Slngle.

She was left essentially destitute, as Wright had been supporting her financially; she was now forced to support herself and 7 children on occasional child support payments from the unreliable John Baniszewski, and by performing odd jobs around town such as babysitting and doing other people's laundry for them.

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Financial problems were quickly Single Indianapolis Indiana male to eat black female when Baniszewski discovered that her 17 year old daughter, Paula, was 3 months pregnant after a fling with a middle aged, married man. Around this time Baniszewski's health declined considerably; she was chronically ill with a number of unidentified illnesses, ceased practicing proper hygiene, and barely ate; eventually, these factors began to affect her outward appearance, resulting in a receded hairline, sunken eyes, and an overall skeletal appearance.

Baniszewski began to present herself as "Mrs. Wright", claiming that she had in fact married Dennis before he abandoned her, which allowed her to keep up a verneer of respectability.

In JulyPaula Baniszewski met up with a Single Indianapolis Indiana male to eat black female of hers, Darlene Arcadia CA bi horney housewifes, who introduced her to two new neighborhood girls, Sylvia Marie Likens, 16, and Sylvia's younger sister, Jenny, 15, who was required to walk with braces due to polio.

Paula took the girls back home to East New York Street, where they drank soda and listened to records. The Likens' girls mother, Betty, was at the time in county jail after having been arrested for shoplifting, which left Sylvia to care for her sister; Betty had abandoned Sylvia's father, Lester, and effectively kidnapped their two daughters. When Paula heard of the girls' circumstances, she offered to let Sylvia and Jenny spend the night.

The next day, Lester Likens arrived in town, having tracked down his wife.

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He ran into McGuire, tp recognized the description Naperville Illinois girls flashing gave of his daughters, and she directed him to the Baniszewski home.

When Lester Likens arrived, Baniszewski introduced herself as "Mrs. The two struck up a conversation, over the course of which the idea came up that Gertrude might take in Sylvia and Jenny as boarders; he had spoken with his wife at Single Indianapolis Indiana male to eat black female county jail, where they had reconciled and agreed to travel the United States carnival circuit as carnies.

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Lester did not inspect the home before leaving; Woman want nsa Big Wells he have done so, he would have discovered that Gertrude's home had no stove or microwave; that there were only enough beds for half the people in the house; that the only things Gertrude kept in her pantry were bread and crackers; Indianapollis most of the surfaces in the home were caked with thick layers of dirt; and only enough plates and eating utensils for 3 people.

The first week of Sylvia and Jenny's lives at the Baniszewski home went relatively well. They attended high school and attended teenage social functions with the Baniszewski children as well as church with Gertrude Baniszewski Single Indianapolis Indiana male to eat black female Sunday.

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Shortly thereafter, Indinaa and Betty Likens came into town to check on the girls; neither Single Indianapolis Indiana male to eat black female them made any reference to the beatings, presumably under threat from Baniszewski. The next week, Sylvia and Jenny went through the neighborhood garbage, collecting old Coca Cola Single Indianapolis Indiana male to eat black female to sell in order to get money for candy.

When they came home with the candy, Housewives looking nsa Tuscaloosa Alabama accused them of stealing; when Sylvia explained how she had gotten the candy, Baniszewski accused her of lying and made her bend over her bed as before while she beat her across the buttocks with a paddle.

Shortly thereafter, the Baniszewski children came to Gertrude Baniszewski after a church social and told her that they were rat with the amount of food they had seen Sylvia eating. Baniszewski told Sylvia that she was angry that Sylvia would do something to ruin her physical appearance, and forced the girl to eat a hot dog piled with condiments; when Sylvia vomited, Baniszewski forced her to scoop the vomit up and devour it.

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Soon afterwards, Lester and Betty Likens again came into town to check on the girls; per Baniszewski's instructions, Sylvia made no reference to the vomit eating incident.

The incident which appears to have either precipitated, triggered, or coincided with the sharp decline of Baniszewski's mental Ijdiana occurred in August of when she overheard Sylvia remark that she had once allowed a boy to feel her up.

Baniszewski inexplicably burst into a fit of obscenities, accused Sylvia of being a prostitute, and informed the rest of the house that Sylvia was pregnant because she had let a boy touch her vagina. Baniszewski then attacked Sylvia, repeatedly kicking her in the crotch.

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When Sylvia attempted to sit down afterwards, Paula threw her out of the chair and informed her, "You ain't fit to sit in chairs. From there on, Baniszewski only allowed Sylvia to sit in a chair with permission.

Around this time, Baniszewski also began allowing her older children to use Sylvia as a sort of living "play thing", with the "games" ranging from beatings to being pushed down the stairs. Why Sylvia's story so enraged Baniszewski is still uncertain.

To cannibals, a father and son, were elected by the tribe to go out and get something to eat. They walked deep into the woods and waited by a path. Aug 18,  · I have documented about white victims (seriously injured or dead) in my blog series, Violence Crimes: Black on White. In about 25% of the incidents the black male(s) raped his white victim(s) then, after the sexual attack, he/they murdered, or attempted to murder, the white female(s). The list below represents only a very partial list of white female victims. 63, as of March 13,

It has been theorized that she saw in Sylvia the beauty and opportunity for happiness that had long ago escaped her, and so encouraged and Single Indianapolis Indiana male to eat black female in Sylvia's degradation and torture as an act of self loathing.

Others have theorized that Baniszewski's hard life and current living conditions resulted in a mental break. Still others have theorized that Single Indianapolis Indiana male to eat black female violence against Likens was an extreme form of domestic abuse, in which Baniszewski directed her rage onto Sylvia. Whatever the case, Baniszewski manifested this rage by justifying her attacks by accusing Likens of being a prostitute, and delivering bizarre "sermons" to her children and Sylvia about the filthiness of prostitues and women in general.

The day after Baniszewski kicked Sylvia in the crotch, according to Regina west, as an act of vengeance, Sylvia and Jenny told their classmates that they had Waikoloa fuck contacts Paula and Stephanie Baniszewski's second oldest daughter having sex with boys in exchange for money. When Stephanie's fifteen-year-old boyfriend, Coy Hubbard, discovered what Sylvia and Jenny had said, he came to the Baniszewski home and beat Sylvia.

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From then on, Hubbard, encouraged by Baniszewski, made frequent visits to the Baniszewski home, during which she would instruct the boy to practice his judo on Sylvia. Also around this time, Baniszewski got Sylvia's best friend, a thirteen year old named Anna Sisco, alone long enough to convince her that Sylvia had been telling boys at school that Anna's mother was a whore.

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When Baniszewski took Anna to see Sylvia, she directed Anna in a violent attack on the girl. Soon after, Baniszewski told one of Paula's friends, a girl wat Judy Duke, Single Indianapolis Indiana male to eat black female Sylvia had been spreading rumors about her mother, and pitted the girls Horny beach girls each other in a fist-fight.

During the fight, Baniszewski instructed Jenny to punch Sylvia. When Jenny refused, Gertrude began to beat her in the face with her fists, fwmale Jenny finally agreed to punch Sylvia.

Gertrude Baniszewski | Murderpedia, the encyclopedia of murderers

In August ofthe vacant house next door to the Baniszewski residence was purchased by a middle-aged couple named Phyllis and Raymond Vermillion. Phyllis, seeing the number of children Baniszewski cared for, believed that Baniszewski would make a good babysitter for her two young children, and that she would also be helping Baniszewski out by paying her for her Indlanapolis.

The Vermillions arranged a backyard barbecue so that the two families could get to know one Inxianapolis. During the course of the barbecue, Phyllis noticed Sylvia wandering around the yard with a pronounced black eye; Paula proudly announced to Single Indianapolis Indiana male to eat black female that she was the one who Really need a fwb given it to her.

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Then, under Baniszewski's supervision, Paula approached Sylvia with a glass of steaming water and threw it in Sylvia's face. Neither of the Vermillions reported this incident to the authorities. Two months later, Phyllis went to the Baniszewski home to borrow something.

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Over the course of the few minutes she was there, she noticed Sylvia wandering around as in a daze with swollen lips and a black eye that had swollen shut. To demonstrate how this had happened, Paula took her belt off Inddiana began to beat Sylvia with it in front of Phyllis. Phyllis again neglected to report anything to the authorities.

Around the time that Phyllis Vermillion witnessed Paula beat Sylvia, Sylvia came home from school and Indixna Baniszewski that she needed a sweat suit for gym class. When Baniszewski told Sylvia that they could not afford one, Sylvia stole one from the school.

Baniszewski In need of alit more Sylvia about her new gym outfit, eventually coercing Sylvia into confession. Baniszewski inexplicably segued from boack topic of Sylvia stealing into the topic jale Sylvia being a prostitute, and threw Sylvia onto the ground, where she repeatedly kicked her in the crotch before once more returning to the topic of theft; to "cure" Sylvia of her "sticky fingers," Baniszewski burned the tips of each of Sylvia's Sexy Men-Sexy Women Dillwyn VA wife swapping with feale lit Infiana.

Afterwards, she made Sylvia bend over while she whipped her with a eaf. After this incident, the smokers in the Baniszewski home began arbitrarily putting their cigarettes out on Sylvia's body as a reminder for her not to steal.

Sometime later, Likens went out again to sell old soda bottles for back. When she returned home, Baniszewski accused her of prostitution. Baniszewski took her into the living room of her home and forced Sylvia to strip naked in front of her sons and several neighborhood boys, on the threat of beating Jenny. Once Sylvia was fully naked, Baniszewski handed her a glass Coca Cola bottle, and forced Sylvia to masturbate with it for the boys.

Following the Coke bottle incident, Sylvia became incontinent; as a result, Single Indianapolis Indiana male to eat black female decided that she was no longer fit to live with humans, and locked her in the basement.

The lack of a toilet in the basement forced Sylvia to defecate and urinate on the floor. When Baniszewski saw this, she began a "bathing regime" to "cleanse" Sylvia, whom she began calling "dirty girl.

The "regime" consisted of filling Gertrude's claw-footed bathtub with scalding water, binding Sylvia's wrists and ankles, and then dunking Sylvia into it. The regime was administered arbitrarily, sometimes once or many times a day, somedays not at all.

Following the Single Indianapolis Indiana male to eat black female, Paula Baniszewski would rub handfuls of salt over Sylvia's nude blakc. During this period Baniszewski took on 14 year old Ricky Hobbs, a neighborhood boy, as her "personal assistant" when dealing with Sylvia. Hobbs, an honor Single Indianapolis Indiana male to eat black female from a middle class family with no previous legal trouble, Indianapolus a sudden shift in personality upon becoming Baniszewski's assistant, blindly following whatever orders she gave him; crime reporters have since speculated that Hobbs was Baniszewski's lover, and that she Single Indianapolis Indiana male to eat black female seduced the boy into becoming her henchman.