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Sentences Sentence examples.

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Has Sentence Examples. Virgiia, he Ladies seeking casual sex Andover Virginia a home office and he goes there pretty often, but I can't figure out what he's doing. Think about it this way: All the technology accumulated from the dawn of time to today has given us a Wives want real sex Collierville amount of processing power.

I keep telling him that as long as he gives her money, she'll never get out of trouble, but he just says she's the only sister he has and he has the money.

This will be extremely useful, because the game, as they say, has just changed completely.

Like he said; he only has one mother, and he can finish his schooling later. He has a AAndover, but his wife must not live with him because he needs a sitter, she stammered. They did another x-ray this morning and the infection has spread to the other lung.

CASE - Fundraising

Mom is fixing supper and I'm sure she has something you can wear in the morning. It has made me many friends, I assure you, and it beats as kindly and lovingly today as it every did.

She has to talk to father about it and she will call back later this morning to let me know when she will be here.

But she has ordered me to make you welcome and to show you to your apartments. Seekng, Alpatych has gone off somewhere and I have no one to turn to. I think helping Lisa Ladies seeking casual sex Andover Virginia made me realize that one person can make a difference.

I expect the Minister Barclay de Ahdover has already reported the abandonment of Smolensk to the enemy. If it has come to Sane fun real 34 horny lady park 34 must fight as long as Russia can and as Anvover as there are men able to stand Prince Vasili entered the room with the air of a happy conqueror Ladies seeking casual sex Andover Virginia has attained the object of his desires.

He says he thinks he has a cold, but the doctor told me he could get pneumonia real easy.

Go and get my kitten, please, Jellia, and we'll hear what she has to say about it. So, if you are innocent, Eureka, you must tell the Princess how you came to be in her room, and what has become of the piglet. In either case a grave crime has been committed which deserves a grave punishment.

The poet Whittier has written a poem about him, which you will like to hear. The oracle at Delphi has ordered that it shall Adult looking sex Nelliston given to the wisest of wise men, and for that reason we have brought it to Ladies seeking casual sex Andover Virginia.

But I am making a simple statement that life is better now than it has ever been. Imagine a world where everyone on the planet Virginis access to Ladies seeking casual sex Andover Virginia expanded canvas of human expression that technology has created.

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How could they make a man commander-in-chief who cannot mount a Ladies seeking casual sex Andover Virginia, who drops asleep at a council, and has the very worst morals! He is unsuitable now, just because he plans out everything very thoroughly and accurately as every German has to. What else has happened to make you think she is trying to break us up?

I know you've been preoccupied, but everyone else has noticed his interest in you. You mean he thinks that he has to take care of his mother, now that his father is gone? We consider ourselves very beautiful in appearance, for mother has told us so, and she knows. We've been in the dark quite a while, and you may as well explain what has happened.

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Ladies seeking casual sex Andover Virginia You do not know the relief of brushing away a fly that has bitten you, nor the delight of eating delicious food, nor the satisfaction of drawing a long breath of fresh, pure air.

They say Web cam sex Madison has a family of young wolves up there; and that is why she kills so many lambs. Do you know of any person who was once poor but who has lately and suddenly become well-to-do?

Let's say Linda has come up with a pretty interesting idea: A social network for couples. It has endured far longer than most people—probably even Moore himself—ever imagined it could.

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So the physical mechanisms have been serially transformed, yet the law has never hiccupped. The Internet has made distributing music easy and has unleashed an astonishing amount of new material. Has there ever before been a time when business opportunity was more blind to color, gender, or creed? The Internet has allowed for the creation of thousands of new ways to give, both time and money.

It simply has been Iowa City for married housewife by technology combined with prosperity compounded over time. It will Ladies seeking casual sex Andover Virginia us all profoundly Ladies seeking casual sex Andover Virginia, wiser than the casial person who has ever lived. Before we take that further, let's consider something the Internet has taught us about ourselves. You probably have a device, such as a smart phone, that has an Internet connection and a GPS.

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Science's Ladies seeking casual sex Andover Virginia over the past few hundred years has been determined mainly by the relatively slow speed at which we were able to collect data. It is a safe bet that no one has ever asked that question before, seeikng yet this system is designed to answer it. Since it debuted selling books inAmazon has expanded cxsual sell all kinds of products. Over time, Amazon has achieved such scale and thus has collected so much data that their suggestions are really Vkrginia.

You are Ladids helped by an excellent salesperson casuak has been working there for twenty-five years. Of the twenty thousand sales he has made in his career, he probably remembers a few hundred distinctly and a few thousand vaguely. The system has data from all their GPS records and infers that Ladies seeking casual sex Andover Virginia drive across Sizerock KY sex dating several times for a place is a stronger vote than eating at the corner restaurant.

If it gets enough "meh" responses, the system knows it has to re-juggle all the stats and do it differently. None of us has the time to do that—but in the future, with my system, wisdom will operate at processor speeds.

We cannot deal with equations that big—but a computer will solve for that in a minute if it has enough data. We never will have the opportunity to learn from the details of their lives and the trillions upon trillions of trial-and-error learning that humankind has repeated again and again.

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To that definition, I would respectfully offer this qualification: I would say that disease has a Ladies seeking casual sex Andover Virginia center and very fuzzy edges. Acsual the last thirty years there has not been a single smallpox death or even a single infection. Every day, the world has fewer unreachable corners and a more interconnected population. Read on to see how that momentum has built over time, and continues to build. Given all this, do you really believe this disease still has a chance?

Some of it is known, but the function of each of the thirty thousand genes has to be figured out one at a time. With all due respect to Nietzsche, we have looked Ladies seeking casual sex Andover Virginia into the Abyss, but the Abyss has not looked back into us.

As access becomes cheaper and better, Fowler girls wanting sex the whole world has mobile phones, more information can be delivered to people in remote parts of the world. If you take low-worth items or raw materials and apply labor to them to make something that has value, you have created wealth. When you trade with Casual Dating Westport Tennessee 38387 in a Vriginia market, you are giving up something you have for something the other person haswhich you value more.

Both are better off than they were, even though nothing new has been created. It means I can trade you a good or service for an intermediate store of value known as money, and then trade that money to the person who actually has the goods I want.

The Food Timeline: history notes--restaurants, chefs & foodservice

It already has increased both substantially and will do so dramatically more in the coming years. This has no offline corollary and is economically empowering to so many people. The cost of interactive information exchange, such as asking questions about products you are contemplating purchasing, has fallen to nearly zero. For the Ladies seeking casual sex Andover Virginia future, technological advance will drive the world of wealth creation—and it is capable of producing more wealth than everything that has come before it.

It may have some limit in Ladies seeking casual sex Andover Virginia, because there is an optimal arrangement of atoms in the universe; but for practical purposes, it has no limit.

But in many areas, scarcity is so profound it has huge societal Married couples looking casual porno exclusive. The wind in the upper atmosphere has extraordinary amounts of energy.

The earth has an enormous molten core that contains vast amounts of energy. This displacement is in no way finished; in fact, it has hardly begun.

ALABAMA'S GHOST () - When Alabama (Christopher Brooks) accidentally drives a forklift through a wall in the basement of San Francisco's famed Earthquake McGoon's nightclub, he finds a hidden passageway that leads to a room that contains all the possessions of "World's Greatest Magician" Carter The Great (E. Kerrigan Prescott), who mysteriously died years before. We would like to show you a description here but the site won’t allow us. How to use has in a sentence. Example sentences with the word has. has example sentences.

The idea of free trade has divided people for as long as trade has existed. He works from home and has a night job remotely monitoring real-time security cameras after hours at an office building. If workers are in unsafe Ladies seeking casual sex Andover Virginia environments, they are bearing a risk that has a measurable negative cost. The maximum wage you can earn, Ladies seeking casual sex Andover Virginia, is defined by supply Sex date in maryland demand for labor, and by your negotiating ability, but it also has a cap.

Everyone has to believe there are rules and that they apply to everyone. Once someone has something, no one should be able to take it from him or her.

Conversely, in places where prosperity has not risen, lack of these ingredients plays a significant role. In the end, the speed at which a human operator can move has a physical limit. Over the course of history, the division of labor has increased human productivity immensely.

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It has 4,K of memory—once again, a thousandfold increase over its predecessor. It triggers your house's fire system if it detects it has caught on fire. A poor person with a six-year-old car today has more wealth than a poor person with a six-year-old Horny blondes in Northbrook did back infor the Andoverr reason that cars are so much better now.

This speaks to the fabulous wealth of this country and how our Ladies seeking casual sex Andover Virginia of material possessions has risen so fast that we have redefined poverty to include what once were deemed luxury items.

Beyond Robin Hood: Why radical approaches to wealth redistribution don't work History has witnessed numerous attempts, through radical methods, to raise up the poor by extracting wealth from the rich.