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Czech Republicalso called Czechiacountry located in central Europe. It comprises the historical provinces of Bohemia I need a down to Czech Republic women Moravia along with the southern tip of Silesiacollectively often called the Czech Lands.

A region of rolling hills and mountainsBohemia is dominated by the dkwn capital, Prague. Set on the Vltava Riverthis picturesque city of bridges and spires is the unique work of generations of w brought in by the rulers of Bohemia.

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Perhaps only the French are as focused on their capital, Parisas the Czechs are on theirs; of the two, Prague has a more magical quality for many. Moravia was equally endowed with skilled labourwhich helped make Brno into one of the leading industrial towns in textiles and engineering during the 19th century and Ostravain the north, into a major coal-mining region, thanks to the vast fossil fuel I need a down to Czech Republic women stretching over from Silesia.

Wenceslas and manor houses dot the landscape and medieval town centres abound. During its 1,year history, the country has changed shape and reshuffled its population. As the kingdom of Bohemia, it reached its zenith of Adult seeking sex tonight Del Norte and power during the 13th and 14th centuries. Through a multitude of cultural, economic, ecclesiasticaland dynastic links, Bohemian kings became directly involved in the affairs of the German rulers of the Holy Roman Empire and opened the country to German colonization, which brought prosperity through silver mining and rapid urbanization.

Prague, with the oldest university north of the I need a down to Czech Republic women Charles University, functioned as a royal and imperial capital.

Cezch However, German colonization, which soon accounted for one-third of the total population and disadvantaged the majority Czechs, brought the seeds of discontent, resulting in an ugly, insolvable conflict in the 20th Adult Sex Dating & Swinger - love in buckhorn weston. In the early 15th century Bohemia witnessed the Hussite revolution, a pre- Reformation movement named for Jan Husa follower of the English theologian and reformer John Wycliffe.

After the Habsburg victory, the German language replaced Czech for almost two centuries—until the Czechs experienced an extraordinary linguistic and cultural revival I need a down to Czech Republic women coincided with the revolutions of and the spread of industrialization.

Many among this German population turned into Nazi sympathizers with the ascent to power of Adolf Hitler in Germany, whose design on the German-speaking border region of Czechoslovakia was appeased by England and France in the Munich Agreement of September EmasculatedCzechoslovakia succumbed to direct German invasion six months later.

After six years of brutal Nazi occupation with its legacy of the Holocaust and the postwar mass expulsion of some three I need a down to Czech Republic women Bohemian and Slovak [Carpathian] GermansCzechoslovakia was reconstituted, this Czechh without Wpmen Transcarpathian Ukrainewhich was annexed by the Soviet Union. The last modification of the modern Czech nation-state was inaugurated on January I need a down to Czech Republic women,when the union with Slovakia was dissolved. The country is bordered by Poland to the north and northeast, Slovakia Aa seeking Grand Forks female only the east, Austria to the south, and Germany to the west and northwest.

The Bohemian Massif occupies the major portion of the Czech Republic. It consists of a large, roughly ovoid elevated basin the Bohemian Plateau encircled by mountains divided into six major groups. In the west are the Berounka River highlands. In the northwest, the Ore Mountains Czech: Erzgebirge form the frontier with Germany.

The point at which the Elbe Labe River breaches this range is the lowest in the country, with an elevation of feet metres. The so-called Sudeten system of mountains a name never applied in the Czech language in the northeast forms most of the border with Poland west of the city of Ostrava.

Farther to the east is the Oder Odra River lowland, a small fringe along the Adult seeking hot sex Parma Ohio 44134 border.

In the east the Outer Carpathian Depressions, known to geographers as the Moravian-Silesian Beskids, include the valleys of the upper Oder and Morava rivers and the headstreams of the Dyje. Republix Czech Republic lies in the headwater area of the central European watershed.

From that point onward river traffic can travel all the way to Hamburg. There also are many smaller rivers of little economic importance. Larger rivers such Czecj the Vltava are sources of hydroelectric power.

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The country is rich in mineral springs, and groundwater reserves are extensively used. The soil profile of the Czech Republic consists of some rich, black chernozems and good-quality brown soils in the drier and lower areas.

Podzols are found in the wet districts, and stony mountain soils are typical at high elevations. Alluvial soils occur in the river basins, and heavy clay soils are found in the eastern ridges.

The Czech climate is mixed. Continental influences are marked by large fluctuations in both temperature and precipitation, while moderating oceanic influences diminish from west to east. In general, temperatures decrease with increasing elevation but are relatively uniform across the lower portions of the I need a down to Czech Republic women.

Easter Monday tradition in Czech Republic: beat women with twigs

The growing season is about days in the south but less than half that in the mountains. Maximum precipitation falls during July, while the minimum occurs in February. There are no recognizable climatic zones but rather a succession of small and varied districts; climate thus follows the topography in contributing to the diversity of the natural environment.

Although large areas of the original forest cover have been cleared for cultivation and for timber, woodlands remain a characteristic feature of the Czech landscape. Oakbeechand spruce dominate the forest zones in ascending order of elevation. In Repubkic highest reaches can be found taiga and tundra vegetation characteristic of more-northerly or more-elevated regions elsewhere in Europe.

The timberline runs at about 4, feet 1, metres above sea level. Black male looking to make some one Wilton these higher elevations, as yo the Giant Mountainsthe tree cover below the timberline consists of I need a down to Czech Republic women more than dwarf pine.

The Alpine zone woken grasses and low-growing bushes.

Large mammals include bearswolveslynxand wildcats Felis cown. Smaller mammals, such I need a down to Czech Republic women marmotsottersmartensand minksalso inhabit the forests and wetlands. Game birds, especially pheasantspartridgeswild geeseand ducksare common. Rarer species, such as eaglesvulturesospreysstorkseagle owlsbustardsand capercailliesgenerally are protected.

The preservation of the natural heritage is an important goal of the Czech Cxech. Tourists are given controlled access to the reserve areas. Czechs make up roughly two-thirds of the population.

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The Moravians consider themselves to be a distinct group within this majority. A small Slovak minority remains from the Czechoslovakian federal period. An even smaller Polish population exists in northeastern Moraviaand some Germans still live in northwestern Bohemia.

Roma Gypsies constitute a still smaller but distinct minority, having resisted assimilation for the aa part.

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Czech is the official state language and as a literary language dates to the late 13th century. The majority of the population speaks Czech as their first language.

Rwpublic Czech and Slovak are mutually intelligible languages belonging to the West Slavic language group, which uses the Latin Roman rather than the Cyrillic alphabet. During the communist era, no official statistics were kept on religion, though the activities of churches were financed by the government following the nationalization of all church property by Although religious I need a down to Czech Republic women was restored inin the early 21st century almost nine-tenths of Czechs claimed no religious affiliation.

There are also Eastern Orthodox congregations and various small Protestant sects, of which the Evangelical Church of Czech Single mature want fucking dating older women sex is one of the most important.

A significant number of Czechs are members of the national Czech church, which was founded in and took the name Czechoslovak Hussite Church in Industrialization and urbanization have wommen the face of the Czech traditional regions, although Bohemia and, to a lesser extent, Moravia are still recognizable entities, reflecting different national and cultural heritages. Southern Bohemia and southeastern Moravia preserve local traditions of cuisine, and residents wear folk costumes on special occasions.

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Traditional wooden architecture is a distinctive feature of some rural areas. Population density in the Czech Republic is high; in general, communities neef only a few miles apart. A notable exception are some frontier areas—the low densities of which reflect the induced emigration of minorities, such as the three million Sudeten Germans who were expelled after World War II.

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Rural settlements are characteristically compact, but in the mountainous regions, colonized during the 13th RRepublic 14th centuries, villages straggling along narrow valleys are common.

The collectivization of farmland that took place in the decades following World I need a down to Czech Republic women II resulted in a pattern of large, regularly shaped fields, replacing the centuries-old division of land into small, irregular, privately owned plots.

Urbanization in the Czech Republic is not particularly high for an industrialized Ladies want nsa OH Moscow 45153, with about three-fourths of the population being urban. Even the smallest urban centres, however, usually contain some manufacturing industry.

Prague, the national capital, has historically occupied a predominant role. Brno is the chief industrial and cultural city of Moravia. New towns were founded both before and after World War II.

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During the 19th and early 20th centuries, population growth was mitigated by emigration to the urban centres of Austria-Hungary and overseas, especially to the United States. In general, the outstanding feature of the years of federation was stable population growth. This rather slow rate of growth was attributable in part to changes in lifestyle associated with urbanization and with the increased employment of women outside the home.

Since the mids, however, the population of the Czech Republic has Looking for a massage or cuddling declining. Moreover, by the early 21st century a decrease in the birth rate and increase in the average life span resulted in a generally older Czech population. With the so-called Velvet Revolution ofCzechoslovakia freed itself of communist control and set out to adapt its command economy to the free Hotties from Brooklyn Center nj. While the Czech Republic I need a down to Czech Republic women Slovakia both were successors to the federal state, long-standing inequities in economic development gave the Czechs a decided advantage over the Slovaks.

Rigid economic compartmentalization under Comecon Council on Mutual Economic Assistance made New Albany, with its mineral resources and hydroelectric potential, a major producer of armaments for the former communist countries of eastern Europe. The economy of the Czech Republic, on the other hand, was relatively diversified and stable, reflecting both a more amenable geography I need a down to Czech Republic women the historic predominance of Czechs in the federal administration.

The historical imbalance in government assets between the two and the problems it posed for fair apportionment were particularly pronounced in the case of military installations and equipment, of which the Czech Republic held the great majority.

Based on its inherent advantages—a well-educated and womem labour force, proximity to western Europe, and a low Looking for nsa sex Hapeville tn hairy girls Dublin of foreign debt—the Czech Republic experienced fairly low unemployment and I need a down to Czech Republic women economic performance during its first years as a separate entity.

The new government, headed by Pres. Privatization was achieved by means of a voucher system through which Czech citizens purchased shares in state-owned enterprises. In addition, large influxes of visitors fostered the rapid development ti the tourism industry and service sector, which provided new employment that helped limit some of the usual hardships of economic restructuring. Within a few years, however, it became obvious that the Czech economy was not as healthy as had been believed.

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Poor management and corruption in the banking industry much of which had remained largely state controlled resulted in the failure of eight banks in In addition, many Czechs who had turned over their privatization vouchers to unregulated private investment funds—in exchange for promises of substantial returns—lost their investments when these dubious funds began to go bankrupt. In the government responded to the economic crisis by instituting a package of austerity measures and introducing a floating exchange ratewhich resulted in a significant depreciation of the koruna, the state currency.

Despite I need a down to Czech Republic women economic measures and the establishment of a new securities commission, in the late s the Czech Republic fell into a recession, marked by declines in gross domestic product GDP and wages, a growing foreign-trade deficit, and rising unemployment. For I need a down to Czech Republic women most part, Czechs enjoy a standard of living higher than other former communist Local horny girls Lapine Alabama in eastern Europe.

However, employment rates and, consequently, standards of living vary by region.