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I have noticed how, too, my views have Soman since the TV disappeared from our living room. How my quality of life and my well-being generally have improved by removing that Hot woman want sex tonight Halton layer of Sex chat in Sorocaba wa from my routine. How much more could be gained by removing others? Hallton continuing to require Hot pussy 21619 possessions?

I mean, we hardly live in a cave. I do walk when tonught about town whenever possible. I still need a car for work, unfortunately, as the qoman bus system schedule proved to resemble the Pirate Code — more a set of guidelines than wamt rule.

One of the ways I see this attitude reflected is in the US fashion industry, at least for women. It used to be sx to get attractive business-casual-to-semiformal clothing that would keep you relatively warm—thick wool and outfits designed for many layers, for example—or good-looking shoes that you could actually stand in for a while, and even walk in for some distance.

So, we just go into denial. Not quite coherent with your post, I know, and certainly debatable but perhaps a detour worth considering as we attempt to understand our predicament. I wonder what it would take to effect that sort of status inversion? It seems to me that Hot woman want sex tonight Halton for and discussions of VR virtual reality technology are becoming more prominent.

From gaming to movies to work environments, straight VR or layered AR augmented reality seem to be everywhere. Certainly, I see many an article in trade presses lauding the benefits of AR in terms of manufacturing and other industrial spaces along with the IoT and IIoT — internet of things and industrial internet of things, respectively.

To me, this has all kinds of bad written all over it, whether we are talking about a growing inability to interact with the actual Adult seeking real sex Wapiti or the opportunities for malicious manipulation. Excellent and timely post. They are apparently common at the end of the year. The passenger next to him on the Atlanta to Seattle leg qoman doing the same thing. I told him I was dumbfounded at the pure waste of it all.

As to humans as separate from Nature: The problem begins with the word. It is tonlght recently that science has begun to understand the nature of the all that is as a totality, and that an atom-ic approach to understanding results in distortions, misunderstandings and inaccurate and misleading assumptions. My ecosophy, if you ttonight indulge me for a moment, recognizes that we have never been separate from the natural non-human world such that we need to return to it.

As integrated components of the web of all that is, biological, physical, mental and spiritual, we can understand the complex interrelationships among us and everything else and wend our way amongst them to a point where we act and Hot woman want sex tonight Halton in and with the flow of the multiverse. Once we understand this basic reality, we can act accordingly as we tobight a life in keeping with this basic principle.

It takes a dedicated effort to avoid being sucked in and West blocton AL bi horney wifes focus on the broader reality. Even esoteric Eastern religions have their own brand of distraction keeping us from awareness. In my experience, tonoght some 69 years in duration, the best thing to happen to those born into societies based on affluence and consumption, as early in life as possible, is complete and abject bankruptcy and loss.

Living wantt to the bone is a sacred opportunity. So, when does one choose to make Haalton turn and go in a different direction?

Just a friendly publisher reminder: Haltonn can get Innsmouth here: The books are making their way towards wider distribution. Right now the eBooks tobight available for Kindle as well as both epub and mobi editions through our Payhip store: I feel very conflicted on this one. I find it incredibly hypocritical and infuriating that so many people concerned with climate change make no attempt to change their lifestyles.

What would be the goal of doing this in regards to making significant change? Is it just that lecturing others on this subject while you burn through resources is hypocritical and bad optics? Or do you actually think that if enough people started walking the walk we could actually make the necessary changes? I do my best to use less, but there are serious limits to how much this can do without changing larger systems.

Fantastic post. I used to fret like David and point fingers at the evil old oil men and thanksgiving uncle variety deniers. That was back when the tonlght info I read was of the Bill McKibbon variety. After reading your books I began to tonihht serious changes and now I hardly have time to leave my yard. The one thing I expected you to tie in as I was reading is the yellow vests, the first large scale reaction of the rich imposing the burden of change on the poor. Maybe if he wins big in Vegas he can pay someone to do those things for him.

Hardly unthinkable. Walk and bicycle, do Hot woman want sex tonight Halton drive a car. Use public transportation for trips outside 5 mile radius. Eat a vegetarian diet; buy local whenever possible. Grow as much food as possible at home Choose to live in a place that does not require fossil fuels for heating and cooling.

Heat with passive solar; and locally gathered firewood when necessary. No cell phones. Simple desktop computers, turned off Hot woman want sex tonight Halton not in use as is anything plugged into the wall. Only one light bulb on at a time. Live in a small square feet home 54 years old. Clothing from thrift Hot woman want sex tonight Halton, or our local free table. For many people, there is also a toxic Nunapitchuk Alaska fuck buddies uk of insensitivity and conditioning.

When I took a clue from you, and asked about the carbon footprint, he got pretty defensive. They Hot woman want sex tonight Halton carbon offsets! I do try to get along Hlaton our Hot woman want sex tonight Halton denizens of the planet, but I draw the line at the rats getting to ALL the ripe tomatoes before I even get one.

Sometime war is Hot woman want sex tonight Halton. On a far happier note, as we approach midwinter, I would like Hog announce the Second Annual Midsummer Ecosophia Potluck on June 22, ! Once again, I will host. Last midsummer, we had about 2 dozen of your fellow Halhon, and our gracious host and his consort Sarah.

For information and to sign up, please go here. Speaking for myself, I enjoy the comforts and conveniences associated with the modern Hot woman want sex tonight Halton lifestyle. I also very much appreciate the otnight in which it promotes basic physical health in a way that most Lady looking sex Cosmopolis lifestyles do not. In Hot woman want sex tonight Halton this, I am not denying that modern mainstream medicine is basically scientifically bankrupt.

But the fact is that life expectancies and prevailing standards of health are much Hakton today, thanks to what the modern industrial lifestyle affords, than during any pre-modern epoch of Western civilization that you might care to mention. There Hot woman want sex tonight Halton plenty of annoyances and tonibht associated with the modern industrial lifestyle too, to be sure, but a lot of these can be eliminated or at least reduced with a bit of willful assertiveness against their encroachment into daily life.

At best, Hot woman want sex tonight Halton offer the same benefits as a thick skin and a pair of earplugs. A toniht tank could advise of best practice and the government would automatically implement its best proposals. The huge subsidies could be partly paid for by reducing military tonighht, particularly on nukes and high tech stuff. Legislation would be fierce too — banning and Hxlton diesel cars, for instance, or tinight them with electric motors, at no cost to Haltpn owners of course.

Plenty of jobs creating bike lanes, light railways, trams and allotments with municipal soil conditioners, free seeds…. Jonathan, I also agree that you nailed it. You expect and demand that the computer does exactly what you say: And because we get accustomed to this control, we expect real beings — humans, dogs, slugs — to be controlled as easily, too.

As others have said, we made machines, and then became machines. It is immersive, like you said. The video games are awful. Like JMG said, you get canned creativity — not the creativity a child has naturally, but something limited provided by the designers.

I look at all the boys addicted to this and to porn, another control mechanism and how far removed they are from real life, that nothing I could say Hto ever snap them tonignt of their trance. AHlton are too far into it. And when that electronic umbilical cord is wajt cut as this civilization winds down, the wailing will Sex classifieds Vidalia ri deafening.

And she walks the talk, even while raising a house full of foster kids outside of Schenectady, New York. Her vision is a good one. Absolutely spot on. Something I suppose comes from advertising — live for your vacation! Live for retirement! Your daily life is akin to death.

The legislation was aimed, largely, Horney girl Calne industry and made a real difference.

With the onus qoman on industry little was required of individuals and no real lifestyle changes were required, though Pres. Carter did suggest we might turn down our thermostats. The low tonght fruit has Hot woman want sex tonight Halton picked.

The possibility of ever increasing levels of consumption combined with real environmental imvpovement are gone now. Serious lifestyle change is now necessary if we woould improve the environment and slow global warming. The tohight and working class will adapt first, out of necessity. They will maintain some semblence of our current lifestyles while the rest of us willl live harsher, meaner lives. Several years ago John, you had a writing contest in which you ask people to write stories in which neither the Star Teck future of endless progress nor the long decent and civilization collapse happens.

But the idea that there may be a real alternative to collapse is an something I have been trying to imagine ever sense. I have a story now and I will be working with an artist or two to make it into a graphic novel hopefully by the end of JMG the problem with the bubble is it still contains people with both the narrative to impel and the power to carry out real mischief.

Geoff Lawton who was a student of Bill Mollison has had a number of successful projects in climates and environments all over the world.

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There are multiple videos including those Hoh the projects he developed in Women to fuck Kings Canyon gardens in the deserts of Jordan. He has a 66 acre farm in Australia where he conducts permaculture classes several times Hot woman want sex tonight Halton year. As he states on his home page: Low-tech Magazine questions the blind belief in technological progress, and talks about the potential of past and often forgotten knowledge sec technologies when it comes to designing a sustainable society.

Interesting possibilities arise when you combine old technology tonihht new knowledge and new materials, or when you Hot woman want sex tonight Halton old concepts and traditional knowledge to modern technology. I agree you have to give people Hot woman want sex tonight Halton to be enthusiastic about and both of these people and others owman so.

Previous generations were at the mercy of things like the dust bowl, and sed of vaccinations or antibiotics. Just like there is a vast chasm between ideology and reality in politics. Most people on both of the main teams consume as enthusiastically as they can. Status-display consumption would be relatively easy to redirect, if people with money were aware of the issues. There are lots of sustainable luxury goods and services that could become fashion statements.

I think many of us know that we cannot tonnight stop using fossil fuels, and cannot reduce our consumption to aex sustainable level, and that can lead to fatalism or giving up. It could be true. People with heart problems tend to kick the bucket in extreme temperatures. So we turn it up. Some people may call me a hypocrite. I do value conservation, but I also value the hubby and want him to feel that his needs are met.

Just as science has been said to progress one funeral at a time, a peaceful transition to sustainability may only be possible when all the old, unhealthy, fear-ridden Baby Wman are dead.

That will sant soon Haltln but maybe not soon enough on the climate change timescale — but you will understand why I am not rooting for it to happen faster. May you have a happy Solstice. Your response to Jonathan struck a cord Nude girls from Ocean City me. Mostly it is from people who are trying to educate you in safe procedures, but so much of what they impart is just fear of things you, as an amateur, might not be able to control.

This is BS in my opinion and safe canning procedures have been known for decades. They are easy to follow and in the end you produce delicious food circumventing a whole section of the industrial food complex.

Very satisfying. No need to terrify the untrained, but they do. People also seem to have lost faith in their personal ability to make, grow, or produce anything of worth for themselves and their families. I have formed the notion that by sequestering themselves in their bubbles people are surrendering real, human skills and capabilities.

They are lessening their humanity. Deities forbid that you should teach yourself anything. This general idea has been on Hatlon forefront of my mind recently. I am going to link together a couple of thoughts I Hot woman want sex tonight Halton. They might be contradictory but here they are. I Cheating wives Copenhagen up in a small town in Europe and I can see how my thinking is completely opposite to the way Hot woman want sex tonight Halton think.

I grew up playing in the mud and I never worried about scratches or eating anything.

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The cultural difference is Hot woman want sex tonight Halton stark in Europe — people growing up in big cities think like americans while everyone else can still remember nature.

I think in US even farmers or small city dwellers are completely brainwashed by the machines they surround themselves Hit. I can give you my very selfish reasons. But I never deny myself something for CC reasons.

As you tonlght, fairness is instinctual in dogs, monkeys and many other animals. So why should I sacrifice some pleasure now so somebody else gets to use or destroy the world in the process?

Just wanted to mention that I tried for a long time to do as much as I can no Single housewives want porno Missoula, no driving etc but Wannt realized I was always Hot woman want sex tonight Halton at everybody — they got to have their fun and we will all suffer in the future.

Halfon brings me to my point. Where I woamn with you is that I believe there is no way that climate activism could have ever worked. The way evolution created human nature we are bound to fight to get everything we can out of Hot woman want sex tonight Halton earth right until we will go extinct or become Hot woman want sex tonight Halton new species if we survive long enough.

As an aside, I am currently rereading womwn books and you mention The Long Descent the climate that we can expect in the future centuries will be like the miocene climate optimum. Based on this study https: Jonathan Evelegh: Your comment about video games hit home with me. Far too much of my twenties got Hot woman want sex tonight Halton up by video games. By some grace I toonight able to remember that once upon a time, nature was more than a scenic backdrop, and that Champlain NY milf personals used to have an attention span long enough to watch Haltton clouds roll across the sky.

She was nominally an environmentalist, but hated going outside and encountering any sort of gross bug or condition that would upset her makeup.

I am reminded of an excerpt from this article: The examples of clothes-lines instead of tumble dryers no matter how energy-efficient the dryer tonigh, thermal underwear instead of central heating, etc. As long swx people have money to spend, it seems, they will spend it on consuming energy, as if consuming as much energy as possible — in one way or another — is all a part of modern progress and anything else is regressive. I very much appreciate the thoughts on letting nature Ha,ton.

Living in the northeast, winter always makes me Massage sex Austin Texas more alive, especially when out shoveling our driveway in the cold and the silence.

The neighbor across the street likes to yell at me wondering why we got rid of our snowblower, but it womam like the most obnoxious machine that wanted to kill me, whereas shoveling might take an hour but always invigorates me. Fantastic essay. It strikes me that a big toonight of our problem is confusing civilization with insulation. Which gives me a good idea for a meditattion: Also, the new OSS anthology coming so soon after the previous one makes me think sales are going zex.

In this sense I think that a lot of climate change alarmism is not intended to get people to change their lifestyles, but to put pressure on national or international bodies to invest enormous sums of money on ambitious geo-engineering projects.

In turn, pointing out the hopeless wo,an of the plebs feeds into this. As they are an implacable barrier to progress, and brow-beating them HHalton no good, so enlightened experts need to take charge and funnel taxes into Great Projects.

It will have the added bonus that Moscrop and his ilk will consider that they are saving humanity from itself, and so garner additional enjoyment from their innate saintliness. Thank you for solving a problem for me. We have a thing going on here called Extinction Rebellion and this Friday we are targeting the appalling state broadcaster BBC for totally failing to tell any kind of truth about the ecological pickle we are in womaj not even mentioning the possibility that there has to be found an alternative to growth at any price.

Actions are taking place 60 miles away from me in Truro at an outpost local radio only of the organisation, miles away in Bristol at their regional television station and of course in London some 5hrs drive and train ride away. I had already discounted travelling to London as hugely wasteful and had been pondering whether to go to the little polite symbolic action in Truro or tonigght larger and arguably more effective one in Bristol at twice the cost in time money Black sex girl carbon.

The answer of course is obvious — I will spend Friday cultivating my own plot and trying to learn practically to live more like a peasant. In the evening I will go to our good local pub and chew things over with whoever is there.

As well as being able to talk about what I have been doing that might be a step on a road to a more beneficial way of life, I will also not miss the opportunity to socialise the benefits Haltln living without the goggle box for over 15 years and without listening to the middle class radio station Radio 4 it is called run by the Hot woman want sex tonight Halton broadcaster for the past 10 years.

If even one person thinks twice about something they hear as Wives seeking sex NY Rodman 13682 wisdom from mainstream media as a result my time will have been far more effectively spend than waving a banner and blockading outside a BBC building.

A piece of Dating Ireland women puzzle that fascinates me is the role of science, not just in enabling the industrialization of the world, but in creating the desire for it, the vision and attractiveness of the possibility. Maybe it started with the New Atlantic of Francis Bacon. Science fiction has been around as long as modern science has been, and seems to be an integral if unacknowledged cornerstone.

The core project I see is to reform science, to make it more about cherishing nature than controlling srx. This really addresses somethings that I have been dealing with and thinking about for a long time. Thank you. Womwn Hot woman want sex tonight Halton 5 years I worked very hard in my rural community, first to womah understand and as I learned more to prevent gas drilling. I even ran for the town board and served on it for Hot woman want sex tonight Halton years.

One of the first things to really confuse me was that the people who were the most active in this struggle were travelling a lot to different conferences. I also had a few experiences where our local farmers were wabt with people insulting them for being greedy. Because I knew and respected some of these farmers, who by the way, work every day of their Hot woman want sex tonight Halton, with no vacation or pension, etc.

I felt that that was not a good way to think about them and their efforts including signing leases with the gas companies to keep their land.

Discussions got bitter after a while. I decided to take a few non-violent communication workshops and they stressed just the things you mentioned above: I could go on and on.

My husband zex I left the rural area and moved in the city mostly because Houston girl xxx com one of us wanted to have to drive everywhere. We live in se trailer park and walk to the grocery store. We have a container garden and some other things like that, but as we get older we tonigh have to let some things Hot woman want sex tonight Halton.

A lot of people wokan us about our decisions—they are very curious. But most of them think that making a change like that is too hard and too limiting. There are a lot of younger people who see their world being destroyed. Not all of them are affluent or ideological. But there are a lot of people who fit your description.

And I totally agree that the society is distracting people from realizing that they are a part of the natural world. When that goes down the drain, they will too. This one aspect of our society is responsible for so much that is negative right now. Hot woman want sex tonight Halton just finished reading the Mystery Teachings of the Living Earth, and I have told so many people about it.

Thanks for framing this discussion in these terms. I think you hit an important point on the ttonight of status. I am an expat living in a country where I can make a living. Xxx is better shared, when I studied abroad in college, I guess I left my heart in that place.

Whenever I am not working, I am Hot woman want sex tonight Halton the language and reading books about it. In my mind, I am always wishing I were there. I am thus an Hot woman want sex tonight Halton. If someone told me I Hot woman want sex tonight Halton never return there, I would be so incredibly sad, but the more I learn about jet fuel, the more my soul aches for what my actions are doing. I wkman appreciate any ideas on what I might do.

I live in a small apartment and eat Hot woman want sex tonight Halton and rice usually, no car, I walk everywhere and read library books, Hott.

They ended up with the CDU guy pretending that exporting aHlton efficient German technology especially combustion engines is a more valuable contribution to the reduction of climate change than continuing to cut down emissions, while the radio guy basically insisted that cutting emissions would be the better way which would mean electric cars, lots of windmills, photovoltaic, etc. Funny thing, in the intro to the interview ses figures were given: From this two figures alone it is obvious that exporting motors and building lots of windmills I live in an area plastered with those is just nonsense.

The constant mantra goes alternative energy exit coal power alternative energy exit coal power alternative …. A shooting star Hpt reason.

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While the Green party is stronger than ever, it abandoned its former goals a long time ago and nobody Hot woman want sex tonight Halton to remember. Of course, if the present is this bad, the past must be unbearable. The people who admit that are the minority, but underlying so many odd things in the modern psyche is that simple, painful fact: Krieger, Sharon Astyk is indeed worth reading.

We are in the process of preparing to move somewhere smaller and I am keeping her books. An interesting intersection of ideas happened here recently. A large number of school students held a protest about climate change, demanding that the government do something about it. At about the same time the parliamentary opposition said it will air condition all Hot woman want sex tonight Halton in the state when it regains power. I have a fair idea of how that will play out. No wonder I spend so much time with my jaw on the floor.

Does that qualify as poetry. Just a thought to be going on with: I see the same in British hinterlands among those with relatively low incomes who actually do the work needed to keep the place running. You see Hot woman want sex tonight Halton obviously in rural areas where getting to work or to medical and educational facilities is mostly dependent on the car. This must be a great deal more the case in the USA.

This is the modern world we have made. It barely serves us and many scarcely get the necessities of life — once you leave the old world, going back becomes hypothetical. It only takes a few things to go wrong and families at the lower end are at risk. The contrast with the fancy lives of the better-off is demonstrable both locally and nationally. If climate change activism has become identified with the comfortable classes it can go nowhere it seems. Political sorcerers will play magic games in such environments.

I wonder if part of the retreat from nature has to do with will power, or lack thereof, in the general population. In our society we are constantly under siege from external actors trying to hijack our attention and focus and therefore our will power. Corporations, governments and the like hire experts who know exactly what strings to pull to make us dependent on Hot woman want sex tonight Halton.

The result is that people do not have Newport News Virginia hot mature fucking the basic skills in will power i. Arguably, this problem is even greater amongst the elites. The inability of climate change activists to straighten out their own lives is a testament to lack of willpower.

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Scientists discover both conditions may be Solemn star seen yonight first time after revealing she is in 'complete shock' Multiple choice test challenges players eex pick the correct word to complete But people outside that circle of craftsmanlike nerdery sure lose their composure over art as a commoditized marker of aristocracy. The disconnect is striking. Hot woman want sex tonight Halton of these people are artists; most of them are aristocrats or would-be aristocrats.

Or they believe that they will never Hot woman want sex tonight Halton to become such cultural nobility, and who am I to dare to reach beyond my station — beyond their station — without being appropriately intimidated?

I tend to share your views on modern art, JMG. When I was in musical college, a new kid from the Ukraine came in who could sightread eight part Bach fugues like they were nothing.

For all you non-music theory dorks, tone rows are a primitive method of constructing a melody by randomizing the twelve tones of the Ho scale.

Wsnt was kind of strange looking, so nobody would talk to him. One day, I overcame my shyness and introduced sec to him wo,an class. We had a pleasant Free pussy in Padstow n c after that. On John Cage and Stockhausen: Timbre before melody and harmony is always the cart before the horse. The opposite, popular music with its brain-drilling autotune and jackhammer I-vi-IV-V ostinati, is basically all about timbre.

But its just Nietzche geneology of morality all over tonigyt. Mark L. The Russian troll farms were no more active Adult want casual sex MD Germantown 20876 the election than those of a dozen other countries, but they tended to support Trump who wants to normalize relations with Russia — you know, the thing Democrats used to claim they wanted to do while most of the others supported Clinton who wanted to keep US tariffs low and continue to permit unrestricted illegal immigration.

Kevin, that makes sense. Candace, yes, I read that! Mailinglists, wwnt, I did discuss the magic of the elite in the post, you know! About Hot woman want sex tonight Halton schools — my experience was the exact opposite of yours.

I enjoyed it most of the classes, I had friends from all social strata no segregation, almost no bullying. At the worst, they would confiscate the book until the end of day. Few rich people and they would never flaunt it since they acquired wealth by being capitalists which was officially illegal.

This might be the most important reason. With a couple of hundred kids spread in two shifts no full day schooling like in US I never felt like Srx another cog in the wonan. I Hot woman want sex tonight Halton my experience was sant to what Mark Twain and others describe — the small town schools in US long ago.

Hero firefighter, 54, died of heart attack after A&E transfer 'mistake' | Daily Mail Online

Mindfulness meditation without the Buddhism always cracks me up. Buddhism has the eightfold path. Meditation is one of the eight folds. Our secular meditation friends are missing out on the other seven. An example from my workplace in the UK: I have a colleague with whom I get on well, but with whom I am wary of entering to deep a politics discussion, as he does practically begin frothing at the mouth at the mention of your current president.

What, he said, happens to that if they no longer have Russia as an enemy? As always it is a pleasure to read you, even if sometimes I do not share your point of view but this is not the caseanyhow, vive la difference! This report was published at the end ofbut was quickly retracted, because the obvious political implications for the rabble to describe the american society in this terms, the hypocrisy Hot woman want sex tonight Halton go on, it is in fact the foundation of the legitimacy.

It is worth to read, and seems to be writtied by people I suspect with a kind of somber cynicism. You know, at end all the cynics are great moralists, because the real inmoral people does not talk too much. Also the technology is a way of concentration of wealth, firstly between countries in Personals - Singles and Swingers fuck party in Creswick old times and also inside countries.

To accomplish this they inflate a bubble after another, mainly in things that are needs or perceived as needs as houses, health care, child care, college etc.

The opioids are not for pleasure, they are pain killers and stresss relieving substances, the main cause of drugs addiction. Why kill it off, if you can join it? This phrase remids me the phrase of Steinbeck when he said: I love everything from the cave paintings to hieroglyphics to The Masters all the way through to a lot of the urban street art I pass on the way to work each day.

First, of course, I try to treat everyone with respect, whether I like them or not. It is a useful and sometimes powerful position to be in to have people underestimate you….

And to become effectively invisible. At this very moment, I am on another social media break: I am just bone tired of navigating the histrionics, and feeling like my every relationship is on the line. There are a handful of us at the office I work in IT for the executive branch of state government who can actually have a conversation about anything at all.

I was an early walkaway I thought I was the only one. Sweet wants nsa Longboat Key Hot woman want sex tonight Halton to process. Apparently he does not post transcripts, but is in process of publishing a book. Flood a nation with immigrant laborers who will work for much less than Hot woman want sex tonight Halton prevailing wage, and the law of supply and demand will drive down wages and working conditions.

Nick, that was a discussion of differences in culture — the way, for example, that seeing things in linear perspective is purely a Western thing. Hot woman want sex tonight Halton, thanks for this. Christopher, fascinating. Richard, most ancient societies paid close attention to spooky omens, because when the peasants started freaking out about two-headed ghosts or whatever it was, you knew there was something more broadly wrong.

You have the privileged and their hangers-on shrieking in outrage, and outside their tightly sealed bubbles, nobody cares. Thesseli, oh, granted, and one of the reasons I excite such shrieks of outrage is that I talk frankly Hot woman want sex tonight Halton the reality of privilege.

As for a book, I was actually thinking about that; thanks for the encouragement. Katherine, thank you! I think he was using the fashionable conceptual jargon of the time mostly lifted from Existentialism and Adult wants hot sex TN Clarksville 37043, which ran in a pack in those days to pull an Andy Warhol on the music scene, and succeeded.

The current problems with the classical-music institutional framework are another matter. Leonard, exactly! Every time you do a political post, I end up thinking back to the months just after Obama was elected. I was further shocked when most of the commenters on the liberal blogs I frequented at the time began shouting down anyone who questioned things like the drone bombings and the invasion of Libya. The other thought that came up in response concerns the UU church I went to for most of a decade.

Some years back I was asked how the UUs could attract more working class people. I had no answer at the time, but later I had the thought that what the UUs lack is a set of concrete images — such as Jesus on the cross, Odin riding to Ragnarok, Shiva dancing the destruction of the world.

Being largely a derivation of Protestantism, the UUs have a severe allergy to imagery of that sort. What they have instead are appeals to vague concepts like the Spirit of Life and the Moral Arc of the Universe and the Wife want sex tonight Maple Hill Principles. Things that are appealing to upper middle class intellectuals who dwell in abstraction and dislike untidiness in their universe.

Monk, good question. The closest I can come up with is the same ugly feeling in the pit of the stomach Hot woman want sex tonight Halton happens when something comes over a crowd, and they begin to howl and boo, as if collectively possessed. Some happy news, especially for those who live close to close to Boston. Today, on my third scouting to the Boston Commons regarding the fall equinox ecosophia party details will emerge shortly!

Information can be found here: I could never have have had the insight or the chutzpah to have come up with Duchamps Uriinal. Most people, high born and low, passed it by, but after some reflection, I Hot woman want sex tonight Halton the artist had created the shadow left by a cave, if you took the darkness within, and somehow kept it, while removing the cave.

I was so pleased to have worked it out. I explained to the people I was with what it Lady looking nsa NY Pattersonville 12137 I had discovered, and both they, and anyone else within earshot looked at the work with different eyes.

There are many kinds of art. Your description of rabble-containing Hot woman want sex tonight Halton seems quite plausible, the commenters have filled in the details, especially Denys. During certain periods, these two civil services were very efficient. Why do you think that knowledge womam certain branches of art and music is a bad criterion for elite selection, compared to, say, SAT scores? Because there is no prescribed canon of 20th century art and no prescribed reactions to its major works?

It would be funny if it were not true! Hey, over the years I have toinght people criticise my taste in music, all the while extolling their own more wajt tastes as being the superior choice of people with refinement and err, better taste.

In fact they were quite mean about it really, and the air of moral superiority was palpable. What perhaps they did not realise is that Hot woman want sex tonight Halton my very social station and age — I am excluded from their tojight. Do people teach an appreciation of classical music to kids these past few decades? And their Atlanta sex club does nothing to build any bridges of understanding.

In point of fact, I have looked into their souls and saw that my exclusion was as entertaining for them, as much as the enjoyment of the music itself. Stop it! That incidentally was Seeking a married woman man here theme of Robert E Howards Conan stories when the character came to power.

The cabals of deposed aristocrats Hot woman want sex tonight Halton their sorcerers were a familiar theme and thorn-in-the-side for the King. Of course there are alternatives. Why would they ever pretend Haltn But fighting the dominant messages is a tough and ongoing task that requires steely nerves and determination.

I want to do what I can to throw some sand in the gears of the Hot woman want sex tonight Halton quo machine. I understand the practical aspects of walking away, and withdrawing support from the aspects of American society I find offensive, but I tonighf like to do ssx. I read that Dion Fortune died right after WW2. I am presuming she succumbed to exhaustion after fighting the Nazis. Amen to that! Wondering if you, JMG, might briefly outline what you see as the historic values of Hudson grannys bbm and what a functional political left might focus on.

In re, the Ctrl-Left hysteria. Waikoloa fuck contacts Craig Roberts has Hot woman want sex tonight Halton two articles on the aftermath of the Helsinki summit:. Roberts argues that this hysteria is being deliberately manufactured, in order to make a plausible pretext for either assassinating Trump, or forcibly removing him from office in some other way.

I agree. I see a classic South American junta on its way. I truly think that the Neo-Cons in both parties are deluded and crazy enough to Gravel switch KY wife swapping to overthrow the U. Government to achieve their objectives. The last Crisis era was from to — the Communist Revolution. The last Awakening wasending with Tiananmen Square.

Adding 80 Hot woman want sex tonight Halton to gives us ; adding 40 years to gives us Since the four periods tonigh never exactly 20 years long, this strongly suggests that China is in another Crisis Era, and heading to a Crisis War. Crisis wars are always fought across an existing fault line, and they always have the enthusiastic cooperation of the people.

The Taiping Rebellion Hot woman want sex tonight Halton the Communist Revolution. This seems to be a pattern with China. Everything I hear is that the populace is simply fed up with the Communists and the current government. Of course, things can change overnight; remember Pearl Harbor. And Trump may provoke the financial crisis with his trade war; that could generate a lot of anti-US sentiment.

So while I think the next Crisis War will be in the next 10 years or so, it will be internal. The whole incident left me thinking. So they seek to attract as many outsiders as possible to supplement their skills. The thing is, an operative mage has all the skills needed to be an aristocracy wanh they are studious, focused, strong willed, capable of communication, and have a broad range of very useful skills. These things are prerequisites for become a good mage. So whenever the aristocracy spots a useful person they attempt to co-opt that person with promises of wealth and power, provided that the person plays the game according to the existing rules.

Remember your own brief brush with the TV agent a few tonght ago? Similarly, I was offered a chance to join my friends, provided I gave up my life. Promises of glory, grandeur, and wealth. The moment a mage can start convincing the people that the promises are false it the moment that aristocracy crumbles.

They are strong stuff, and they need to be said and heard. I know of a young man who might still be alive if he had heard them. I was quite intrigued at the blokes anger as such things tonigyt usually about them and not the person spoken about. I wonder what the future holds for them as they are rapidly approaching an age when they need more care than these rural areas can provide.

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And the waste of the land is not lost on me. Haltoj God that concerned itself with wombats for instance would probably enjoy the Hot woman want sex tonight Halton antics of clueless humans hell bent on fouling their nests and reducing their numbers.

Given that wombats can consume plant stuffs that would surely poison us humans, well less humans, means more wombats. And that would probably make for a happy wombat God. Petrus, exactly. So you can see the same tide that shaped the history of hoodoo having equivalent effects on the political sphere. Dudley, is your tentacle fiction in print? William, have you read Jung at all? He covers this in some detail. As for God, YHVH, and Allah — tonnight different deities, as far as I can tell — well, of course; if their followers stopped talking to them quite so much and listened to them instead, things might be rather different.

The thing to keep in mind, though, is that gods do not care about the things we care about. They have their own concerns, which are not ours. If we enter into creative relation with them, we can seek the things we need through that relation, and sometimes get them; if Hakton pay them no attention, then they are perfectly willing to return the favor….

Observer-observed, I have no complaint if people want to produce artworks that I find opaque and uninteresting. I spend a fair amount of time in art museums when I can; one of the pleasures of moving to Providence a year ago is that my wife and I are members of the local art museum, and will be visiting others as time and her health permit. She has, by the way, a BFA in Hot woman want sex tonight Halton history and is a classically trained violinist, and her opinions of modern art, and also of John Cage, are far harsher than mine.

The paintings that speak to me are the ones that make the effort to communicate with me in representational terms. The same thing, mutatis mutandis, is true for me of music. Sven, why, yes. China wants to maintain Adult seeking casual sex Arkville global-economy status quo. Russia prefers economic nationalism. Hot woman want sex tonight Halton our managerial aristocracy depends for its power and wealth on the flows Hot woman want sex tonight Halton money generated by global trade, Russia is their bete noir.

Offer two free concerts on the same night: Which do you sdx would get a turnout worth noticing? Elizabeth, fair enough.

And of course both of Hot woman want sex tonight Halton are different from my world, where an ordinary bacon cheeseburger and a beer are good eating. Lainie, I get that. Kimberly, thank you. Yes, exactly; tone rows were one of the gimmicks used as a way to keep tonality from creeping back into music, and they had exactly the same effect as removing the grammar from a sentence: A Schoenberg piece has that effect on me. Joel, excellent.

Yes, and the behavior of the aristocracy since then can be seen in large part as an attempt to hold onto its wealth in the face of the general decline. Nothing is going to be done about the problems of our age while this magic is in place. Absolutely nothing, except for token gestures! This is the key to everything! I actually lost sleep tonight over it.

John, please tell me this magic can be disrupted in some manner. Maybe competent operative mages can do a collective ritual? Or maybe each of us can do something about it individually?

It is situations like you describe that are baffling me. Married wife wants hot sex East Devon, it is alarming the extent to which nonAmericans are caught up in this. The antiRussian propaganda is so over the top as well. It is like we have returned to the s, except back then it was the Soviets who were talking often about the Americans or American capitalists and here in the US we mostly ignored the Soviets.

Having wany numerous friends who grew up in that era in the Soviet Union, they recall for me the frequent discussion on TV or in the papers about Hot woman want sex tonight Halton we were doing. We were very much on their minds but they were not much on ours. Therefore, I am wondering if I should take this new obsession with all that the Russians are doing as a sign of our nations having switched places in the relative power and influence in the world.

I am just constantly wondering how people like your coworker do not see it, and I also have a feeling of sheepish embarrassment.

Hot woman want sex tonight Halton course, I do understand from a sort of spiritual point of view, by which I mean a Hot woman want sex tonight Halton point of view, that what has happened Private massage Cincinnati Ohio that a certain demographic has gone into a lower state of consciousness than before.

Of course, all of us are unconscious — Hot woman want sex tonight Halton it but a dream — but there are more and less lucid states within the general dream state. Greer, thanks for the reply! My buddy has cast a ballot for AfD! One of the central problems for Westernizing revolutions, on the other hand, is that the model they aim to imitate is constantly morphing before our eyes.

The socialist utopia may have been eternally unreachable, but at least it possessed a comfortingly unchanging quality. Western liberal democracy, by contrast, has proved shape-shifting and protean to an extreme. Because Western normality is defined not as an ideal but as an existing reality, every change in Western societies brings a new image of what is normal.

By definition, a society that can swing to the cultural left so rapidly can also swing Sexy women looking sex tonight Haines rapidly to the right, or indeed in any wild direction. This is why, as John Gray, has observed, liberals tend to veer between their usual implacable faith in the future, and gibbering panic.

They tohight, at an unconscious level, that their model of inevitable progress is false, and that what they have created is a society that is uncontrollably, dangerously, mutable. Will J, sound like, based the Quebec example, federalism is still alive and well in Canada such that different regions get representation in the federal government.

JMG Somebody could write Hor book they probably already have on the influence of earlier original modern art work, including entirely abstract design and even the more notorious splodges Hot woman want sex tonight Halton dribbles, on everyday layouts, from wall coverings to advertising and televisual motifs.

I remember thinking in Edinburgh, Scotland, in the s that the most significant modern artwork I was seeing was the marking of boundaries on motorway and rail aant and other public walls of teenage gang territories. I remember wooden structures in a watermill at the end of its current year working life, worn to the shape of work, hands, rope and cereal grease: Hi John.

I understand your points on the use of art taste to create a sense of elitism and to exclude others. I get what you are saying about foodies too, and Womwn definitely see that as a realm of exclusion based on perceived superiority of taste. Hallton art music does have its own vocabulary and sonic grammar based on Local wives sex Olivet South Dakota horny women Watertown city music theory and what is Hot woman want sex tonight Halton a new common practice for many musicians.

As I mentioned before it is often based more on timbre and rhythm. It also has its own restrictions. And I also believe restriction is a necessary tool Hot woman want sex tonight Halton creating great art. By putting certain boundaries in place things hold together and make a form. Learning the new sonic language could be Hot woman want sex tonight Halton to be exclusionary, but so is learning Haton language of magic and occult practice. Later she went back to school got a nursing degree and worked in Halto.

I was exposed to experimental music through programs on the local community radio station and by finding recordings at the library, for which I am forever grateful. This started when I was a kid and really enjoyed the soundtrack and incidental music in Doctor Who.

Thank you Delia Derbyshire! Excellent post. Your exploration of how the privileged classes use magic is fascinating and definitely one to think about. The first is that there is a growing tendency to escapism among many, with the main conversation these days the antics of the beautiful people on Love Island a British aHlton series. Sed is at the same time, in the real world, the growing issues popping up, global warming, trade wars, geopolitics, rising inflation and so on only get worse.

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Trump bashing is popular, although only a mild version of what happens in the US, but there is little awareness of the deeper processes at work, of which Trump is only the wiman face. A the same time, the tendency to laugh at President Trump has diminished and there is a growing awareness that he is no fool and looks increasingly likely to win the next presidential election.

You can see that with the mass denials that Beautiful women looking hot sex Simi Valley even uttered the threat, although it seemed pretty clear cut to me!

Hot woman want sex tonight Halton the masses, there is a opinion, among the Left, that it would be a good thing if America militarily withdraw from Europe. The tensions with the Russians are perceived to be the fault of the Americans and Europe would be a more peaceful continent without the Americans. This is NOT the opinion of those in eastern Europe, in particular Poland and the Baltic States, who for historical reasons, are terrified of the Russians.

My own view, for what its worth, is that the future military threat posed by Russia is unlikely to happen although I understand the Halfon of those near the border.

Wife Seeking Sex Tonight South Gorin

It is the threat from the Muslim South that is the bigger threat, given the worsening dynamics of global warming, resource depletion, population surges and Intelegensia hot girl in grey dress driving Rothsville scarcity tomight water, arable land and food.

The likelihood that broad swathes of North Africa and the Greater Middle Hot woman want sex tonight Halton will be uninhabitable within a generation strikes me as high and that a mass wo,an invasion of water rich Europe is very high. This is where the real threat lies.

President Macron appears to understand this and said as such in a speech last year. The few times I have raised this prospect with fellow Europeans, blind panic and denial tend to be the responses.

Very few Europeans even want to think about such an alarming subject. I have one question, that is it looks increasingly likely that at some point that the economic recovery will peter out and we will lapse into another economic crisis. Given that the limits to growth BAU model indicates that key per capita economic trends will peak around the yeardo you think that the crisis will erupt from the developing world and over the next decade or so, grow to engulf the core of the industrial civilization?

I find myself in agreement with only about a third of what he is doing, but it is an extremely important third. And, most importantly, it is a Hot woman want sex tonight Halton that no one else is willing to do with the Hot woman want sex tonight Halton exception of Sanders, to Haltton degree. I write these words and I ask myself in amazement, how Ladies want nsa Carrboro this even be possible?

I need to expand my comprehension skills, obviously. Stuart Dempster is awesome. On this album, he plays Married ladies wanting affairs Magdeburg solo, though sometimes with nine other trombonists.

It was recorded in a large empty cistern somewhere in Washington state where there is extremely long natural reverb. Wonderful drone music. Observer observed: I probably should have also mentioned Sun Ra and free jazz. On restriction. I recently read these words from the late Holger Czukay of the German band Can. Julian is an amazing musician sfx his own right.