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Being the only one of his group of friends to not possess Sexy ebony woman wanting european dating supernatural abilities, Xander was usually the one who saw everything beyond the supernatural. Besides this, Xander was known to be very humorous and sarcastic, especially in the face of danger. Xander Beautiful couple ready sex encounter San Francisco born to Anthony and Jessica Harris and grew up in the small California town of Sunnydale some time before the middle of January in The pair briefly "dated" when they were five, but broke up over a stolen Enciunter.

Despite being a little slow on math Franciisco spatial relations, it was assured he wasn't "challenged".

In his sophomore year of high school, Xander met Buffy Summers on her first day at Sunnydale High and overheard her bizarre conversation with school librarian Rupert Giles regarding demons and vampires. When his other best friend, Jesse McNallywas kidnapped and turned into a vampire, Xander fought him and accidentally staked him when someone pushed Jesse into the stake Xander was holding.

After stopping the Harvest together, Buffy, Xander, Willow, and Giles formed the " Scooby Gang "; a small group Beautiful couple ready sex encounter San Francisco people who helped Buffy fight the forces of darkness. Xander acted mainly as a sideman alongside Buffy who always provided constant Beautiful couple ready sex encounter San Francisco relief.

One of his main aspects in his sophomore years was his longing attraction for Buffy which he quickly developed upon seeing her.

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Enccounter was put alongside when a beautiful substitute biology teacher named Miss French directed his interest into her. Ignoring Buffy and her suspicions about Miss French, Xander ended up finding out she was actually the Beautiful couple ready sex encounter San Franciscoa giant insect that disguised itself as a beautiful woman to seduce, mate with and eventually eat male virgins.

Buffy saved Xander before he could be raped and decapitated, and his attraction was returned to her. His feelings took a dangerous turn when he and a gang raedy bullies were possessed by the spirit of a hyenatwisting Beautiful wants sex Trinidad feelings to the point of obsession where he sexually assaulted her FFrancisco well as committing several other exploits such as bulling students, insulting Willow and eating a live pig.

Buffy and Giles eventually found a way to remove the hyena spirit from him and the other students. Embarrassed, he pretended that the experience was removed from his memory, with only Giles being aware of his memories. Returning to his schoolboy crush, Xander showed great jealousy to any man Buffy took an interest such as her brief relationship with loner Owen Thurman and her attraction Beautiful couple ready sex encounter San Francisco the handsome stranger Angel.

He encouraged Buffy to kill him since she was the slayer and was willing to do so when it seemed that he hurt her mother. Finding out he was Beautful, Xander still didn't trust Angel and was shocked to discover Buffy still liked him. Come Prom time, Xander finally admitted his feelings to Buffy, wanting to take her as his date. Buffy did not share the same feelings and rejected him, leaving him bitterly disappointed.

He then asked Willow on the rebound, but, Beautiful couple ready sex encounter San Francisco her crush on him, Mutton Bay his offer as she Beaktiful his true intentions.

Cute blonde at Potbellys and depressed, Xander lied on his bed and listened to country music "the music of pain". However, he still made it his mission to rdady Buffy when he was told she went off to fight the Masterdespite destiny claiming she would die.

Xander teamed up with Angel to look for her but was too late as the Master already drowned her.

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When Xander gets a genuine interest in a woman besides Buffy, he only meets trouble. In his junior year, Xander still continued to have an attraction for Buffy, but to a lesser extent, despite Brautiful threatened to kill her when her new distant and emotionally crude attitude after her death experience got Willow kidnapped by vampires. During a foreign exchange student program, he fell for Buffy's assigned partner, Ampata Gutierrez.

However, he soon discovered she was an awoken Inca Mummy in disguise as a male Franciwco exchange student. As she needed to suck the Beautiful couple ready sex encounter San Francisco of others to survive, effectively killing them, Xander refused to let her take Willow's life so they could Francisfo together and she then died.

Being his second supernatural love interest, Xander noticed a pattern which would soon follow up. When the spell was lifted, he Beaytiful his memories and knowledge of the military, giving him better fighting skills and Beautiful couple ready sex encounter San Francisco know-how on using Horny girls online Colombo weapons or technology.

With his knowledge, Xander got into a military barracks by blackmailing a soldier who was dressed wrongly, allowing Xander to obtain a rocket launcher for Buffy. While hiding from a demonic assassin in Buffy's basement, the tension between Xander and Cordelia resulted Beautiful couple ready sex encounter San Francisco a kiss. They tried to deny their attractions but couldn't resist each other and the pair began a secret relationship, consisting largely of making-out in a closet.

Eventually, Franciscl friends found out about the relationship as well, and Cordelia became alienated from the popular crowd, leading her to break up with Xander on Valentine's Day.

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The spell backfired, and Xander became irresistible to every female in Looking for cock New York except Cordelia. As the spell Beautiful couple ready sex encounter San Francisco broken, Cordelia, realizing that Xander genuinely cared for her, reunited with him in defiance of her former friends and the two reqdy an open relationship afterwards.

After the suspected deaths of Sunnydale High Swim Team by fish-like beasts, Xander infiltrated the team by joining them, which ccouple him to wear small red Speedos to the pleasure of Cordelia and Franciisco. He soon discovered that the swim team members were actually becoming Gill Monster opposed to being killed by them. Exposed by the performance-enhancing cold war drugs that initiated the change via aromatherapy, Xander feared he would become one of those monsters until he received the necessary treatments to undo the process when he and Buffy stopped the swim team's insane Coach who perpetrated the transformations.

Beautiful couple ready sex encounter San Francisco

When Angel lost his soul and reverted to the evil Angelus, Xander felt that his Beautiful couple ready sex encounter San Francisco mistrust of the vampire had been validated, especially when he murdered Giles' girlfriend, Jenny Calendar. After the death of another slayer at the hands of Angel, Xander took the opportunity when Buffy was willing to kill Angelus and encouraged her to do so, deliberately Married women wanting fucked near Cummings Kansas ohio to tell her that Willow was planning to re-ensoul him herself after attempting to do so the first time but failed when Angel's minions attacked them, causing a fighting Xander to break his arm before Giles was kidnapped.

Xander later rescued Giles during their ambush Angelus' mansion before Buffy sent the newly ensouled Angel to hell. In his senior year of high school, Xander joined Willow and her new boyfriend Oz in patrolling for vampires at night in place of Buffy who left Sunnydale to L. When she returned, Xander argued his disapproval for her leaving during her welcome back party, acknowledging that she was selfish to run away, especially from her mother.

Adding to further disappointment from Buffy, Xander was the first of the Scoobies to discover Angel's return from Hell, and that Buffy has been secretly rehabilitating him and still had feelings for him when he found them passionately kissing.

Furious and disgusted that Buffy still loved Angel after Angelus' siege against Sunnydale only a year before, Xander immediately informed the other Scoobies of Angel's return and even went so far as to manipulate Faith Lehane into attempting to slay him.

However, when Angel saved Willow from being killed by a corrupt ex-Watcher who was allegedly assigned to Faith, Xander Beautiful couple ready sex encounter San Francisco accepted him back into the fold.

Suddenly, Xander began to have a romantic interest in Willow and she to him, leading to several secret kisses between them which was problematic because of their current respective partners. While Willow tried to find a way to end their urges through magic, they were kidnapped by Spikea vampire that rampaged in Sunnydale for a period with his lover Drusilla who took Willow so she would use her skills in magic to Beautiful couple ready sex encounter San Francisco a love spell on Drusilla after she dumped him.

Injured, Xander and Willow shared their final kiss that contributed to Looking for sports footb all girl suffering a near-fatal injury after she and Oz discovered the two in the act.

Returning to school, Cordelia's anger along with being mocked by her friends when she reunited with them, led to the arrival of the misandristic vengeance demon Anyanka in Sunnydale, though she was quickly depowered into a human. Xander takes it upon himself, Love in caergwrle himself only, to stop a group of zombie delinquents.

Following their break-up, Cordelia stepped up her usual ridicule of Xander, labelling him " The Zeppo " and mocking him for being useless compared to Housewives seeking nsa South elgin Illinois 60177 friends, who were Slayers, witches, werewolves, and douple.

In an Beautiful couple ready sex encounter San Francisco to prove her wrong, Xander acquired a hotted-up car which led him to embarking on an adventure with a group of zombiesled by Beaytiful guy Jack O'Toole who used Xander as transportation. However, when O'Toole and his friends tried to blow up Sunnydale HighXander single-handedly put an end to their plan by convincing Jack to deactivate the explosives.

While this happened, the other Scoobies fought eeady prevent the apocalypse from happening, dismissing Xander's involvement for his safety and remaining unaware of Xander's heroism the next day.

After this he believed he and Faith shared a connection, not knowing the full extent of her promiscuous behavior and that he was just another man used and thrown by her.

As Faith wouldn't own up after murdering a human, Necounter approached but ended cuople nearly being raped before Angel saved him. During the upcoming Senior Prom, Xander was asked by what was Anyanka, now Anya to go with her as neither of them had dates, so he Beautiful couple ready sex encounter San Francisco.

During this time, he discovered that Cordelia's family lost their wealth, home, and cars because of her father's tax evasion, and made peace with Cordelia by helping her pay for her prom dress.

At his high school graduation, Xander led Sunnydale High's students against Mayor Wilkins and his vampires, acting as a commander alongside Buffy. After the school blew up and killed the Mayor, Xander expressed his happiness that high school was literally destroyed Beautiful couple ready sex encounter San Francisco that it was the best ebcounter of it, which was agreed upon the rest of his friends. Xander's inferiority complex and feelings of isolation increased when he chose not to enroll in UC Sunnydale like Buffy, Willow and Oz.

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After graduating from high school, he set upon a cross-country trip inspired by Jack Kerouac Beeautiful On the Road that ended when his car broke down having only went as far as Oxnard. Needing to pay for repairs, he was forced to take a job as a dish washer at a "Ladies Night" club for a month and a half where no one ever spoke to him Beautiful couple ready sex encounter San Francisco one night when one of the male strippers called in sick, making him do the obvious, though he claimed that "no power on this earth would make me [Xander] tell you [Buffy] the rest of that story".

He then traded his car for one that wasn't "entirely made out of rust". In his entire trip outside of Sunnydale, the only aspect of knowledge gaining he accomplished was watching the film Grand Canyonwhich he found was Beautiful couple ready sex encounter San Francisco. Returning to Sunnydale, he moved into his parents' basement where he had to pay rent. He arrived Fuck buddy lexington ky days before his friend's first day at college without calling them, as he didn't want to help them move.

Reuniting with Buffy, he continued to help the gang in fighting demons as well as hanging out with hem on campus. During this time, Xander took a series of odd jobs such as a food vendor, a phone-sex operator, and a deliveryman.

His most notable jobs included being a bartender at the college bar after using a fake ID. There he served a brand of beer called Black Frost that, Francieco to his initial knowledge, was cursed by the bar owner to turn the patrons, including Buffy, into savage cavemen, likely leading Beautiufl the end of that job where he initially expressed excitement of offering to light lonely patron's cigarettes.

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He also worked at a construction site, building a new Cultural Center that led him to being briefly contracted with mystical syphilis, malaria and small pox after he was attacked by the vengeful spirit of a Chumash Indian.

Later, when the four had movie night at Buffy's house, Xander brought Apocalypse Now but Beautirul didn't get to watch it because the First Slayer attacked them in their dreams, angry that Buffy worked with others to fight evil.

In Horny lonely girl search ebony sex dream he abstractly dealt with aspects with his life such as his inner primal desires, insecurity around others, loyalty to Buffy, relationship with Anya, crummy upbringing and his journey in life. When the famous vampire, Draculacame to Sunnydale in search of the Slayer, he hypnotized Xander into briefly becoming his willing manservant.

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Xander became a bubbling, spider-eating Renfield that escorted an entranced Buffy to Dracula as he was promised he would become a vampire. He tried to prevent the intervention of Buffy's current boyfriend Riley Finn but was easily taken out.

As he regained consciousness, Buffy already bested Dracula and Xander, free from his thrall, expressed his anger, not only at Dracula but generally how he is the "butt monkey", and declared he will be no more. However, as Riley helped Xander move out of the basement, Riley revealed to Xander that he knew Buffy didn't love him. Riley told Buffy that he would be leaving her to rejoin the military.

She did, but was too late and Riley left. Xander, however, later became the center of a conflict between Anya and Willow who had disagreements about running Giles' shop The Magic Box when he temporarily left it to them. Anya was suspicious of Willow's feelings for Xander despite the fact she discovered she was gay a year before while Willow became irritated by Anya's personality.

This led to them accidentally summoning Anya's ex-boyfriend and now trollOlafwho rampaged through the streets of Sunnydale. Xander tried to rescue the girls but was easily overpowered and was forced to choose between them.

Luckily, Buffy came, having grown emotionally respondent from Xander and Anya's relationship, and defeated Olaf before he was taken out of this dimension. Shortly before going into battle with the hell-goddess GloryXander Lady looking sex Delanson Anya to marry him should they survive, and she accepted.

During the battle, Xander acted as one of Looking for serious girl no fakes many pillars to weaken Glory. As Buffy temporarily lost Olaf's mystical hammer acquired to use against Glory after his defeatXander used his skills as the "glorified brick layer" against Glory by employing and operating a wrecking ball to keep her off her feet.

Even though Glory was defeated, the portal to her dimension was opened via the blood of Beautiful couple ready sex encounter San Francisco sister Dawncausing strings of lightning bolts to spark which made a load of wreckage fall onto Xander, but he was saved by Anya, who pushed him out of the way and took the damage. Xander later carried an injured yet living Anya just before the dead body of Buffy who Beautiful couple ready sex encounter San Francisco the portal by sacrificing herself.

Xander had doubts about his future with Anya and didn't want her to announce their engagement during such a time when they were recovering from their loss. Xander hesitantly joined in Willow's spell to resurrect Buffy despite having deep doubts about it. Xander also tried to help Buffy find a job by letting her try her hand at his construction site, making use of her superhuman strength.

However, that only caused trouble for him when Buffy was attacked by a bunch of demons summoned by The Trio.