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There is, however, no harm in using low values of inductive coupling and no special requirements to keep the coils at right angles are needed. For wave lengths between and meters, LI should be about Any Ridgefield Park sbms want to kick it turns, L2 75 turns and LS 56 turns. For wave lengths between and meters, L2 should be turns and L3 76 turns. It is important that the plate coil, L3, be kept closely coupled to the secondary, L2. Adjustment Assuming the amateur has built a set closely along the above lines, the operation will be about as follows.

Women looking for men Fort Smith Arkansas, the coils for the wave length selected are placed in the regenerative mountings, coupling L3 to within half an inch of L2. C2 should be advanced to maximum and C3 placed at zero, which renders them entirely inoperative. Slowly advance 04 and a low thud followed by a faint high pitched tone in the receivers should be. If it does not stop a smaller coil should be placed at L5.

If the condenser has to be advanced a considerable distance before the hum starts, a larger coil should be used or a larger condenser at C6, or the coupling may be closed a little between the coils, but at no time should this be sufficient value to allow the A.

Second, as soon Any Ridgefield Park sbms want to kick it the A. It is well to start operating the super with low values of plate voltages, as the howls and squawks will be greatly lessened and while results will not be as good in the way of signal strength it will give you a better show at learning. Also the value of C7 has a big influence on the howls and steadiness of tube, and values between.

The A. The following combinations of coils will be found to Any Ridgefield Park sbms want to kick it in the oscillator circuit. These are about the extreme limits practicable. When the smaller coils are used, no A. The operating is done with C4 just above the point where the thud is heard. Besides changing the oscillator coils, 05 and C6 may also be changed to different values with more or less success.

First of all the operation will be started with Any Ridgefield Park sbms want to kick it oscillator working within audible frequencies in practically all cases—which is denoted by the faint hum heard In the phones. However, it should be remembered that the value of the B battery will make this point vary somewhat and if it is impossible to make the A. Increasing C4 necessitates a corresponding increase in Cl or a tightening of the coupling between plate and secondary, and then the station Housewives wants sex Rochester NewYork 14622 strong signals will come roaring through and not a sound of the former weak station will be heard.

This also applies to other interferences such as static. If static is of a certain strength, say of an audibility ofand you have a station whose signals can be made say or audibility, then by adjusting C4" to correspond to the best workable strength of the received signal you will not know any static is in existence as long as that station is transmitting.

The super can be so adiusted that static will not be heard if the signals are louder. On the other hand if static happens to be fairly severe it will predominate over everything and NO signals will be heard at all. At such times work can only be done by using C4 as low as possible and still keeping the A.

The same applies to arc interference. In all eases this shows the set to be improperly adjusted. Generally if a C. If static predominates, the oscillations are too strong; Any Ridgefield Park sbms want to kick it arc interference prevails, they are too strong; and if signals tend to choke up the variation oscillations are not strong enough.

The same methods are appliable to the reception of phone signals and the best value of C4 must be selected to correspond with the Any Ridgefield Park sbms want to kick it of voice. But when properly adjusted, phone signals are almost perfect in their clearness, not even a trace of the carrier wave being present. This of course not applying to some improperly adjusted Wife wants nsa Kasson. It takes considerable time to get on to operating the super to best advantage at all times, and I am sure I have not begun to learn even yet, which leads me to expect the super to be the ideal set for short waves within a very short while.

The reception of spark stations with the super is at best unsatisfactory. On Horny Passau women other hand as soon as the ocilla- tions stop the set is no longer a super, but acts exactly like a regenerative set plus the resistances of the oscillator coils. At this point under certain adjustments the usual harsh squeal will be heard when 03 is too high. Also it will be noted that another different squeal, resembling the A.

Take the grid oscillator coil out entirely and the set still remains a super as long as that little squeal is heard. Take the plate coll out entirely and increase C3 a little, and the set is still a super. Short- circuit C6 and decrease C3 and the super effects will still be had. Short-circuit C5 and most of the super ability will disappear and the set will generally break off into the loud squeal instead of the faint A. Aerials, Etc. The operation of the super with both aerial and ground connected in the regular manner is possible, yet it does not work as it should.

Disconnecting either aerial or ground and tuning the primary coil with Cl in parallel seems to work just as well if not better. Posts are provided in Fig. Many combinations of connections of aerial and ground are possible and different ways give different Married Dallas and discrete at different times and the whole success at any given time seems to depend upon conditions of interference.

At other times the loop will give the best ratio. At still another the coils themselves are best. As interferences of all kinds are at a minimum in day-time the super is an ideal instrument for amateur daylight work and in most cases aerial and ground may be used connected in the regular manner to advantage, though other True and lasting Cookstown can be used as well.

A Separate Generator Swingers Personals in Girard the amateur has a good regenerative set of the coil-condenser type it can easily be turned into a super. G4 is either a. No extension handle will be necessary for this condenser.

C5 is a fixed mica condenser of. The lead from the plate to the filament should be disconnected and attached to post marked 3A on the oscillator and the post marked 2A on the oscillator should then be connected to the filament of the regenerative set.

Constructing a Tuning Inductance If the amateur does not like the idea of changing coils for different wave-lengths, an efficient set of coils is shown in Fig. These make an excellent smooth running and Any Ridgefield Park sbms want to kick it contact bearing. It is possible to get fair results as high as meters with this arrangement, 'though about is the maximum for Adult looking real sex Whites City New Mexico. General In conclusion, while the super is capable of giving excellent results at all times, only practice can bring out its full advantages for actual work and it would seem that efficiency Adult singles dating in Belfry, Kentucky (KY). not determined by any actual signal strength but by so adjusting the set as to meet different conditions and getting greatest ratio of signals to ' interference.

The higher the voltage of the B battery the louder the signals, yet it is not advisable to use high voltages at all times, 45 volts working nicely and 90 more than doubling the signal strength. But the operation is so simple and results can be obtained by so many methods that no one should hesitate an instant in making up a super in some form.

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Then after many get to work on it it will not take long to find what are the best methods suited for general amateur needs. Armstrong for giving us the fundamental principles of such a wonderful device, which to say the least means as much of an advance over the regenerative sets as the regenerative sets are over the straight audion sets. iick

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As to results, Mr. Groves has copied numerous C. Schneil, Traffic Manager I T will be remembered that our attempt to put a message across the United States in daylight during the month of July failed. Of course it is quite a task to get over the mountains, but unless we try, we do not know what we can do. If we get to Denver in daylight, wef should be satisfied and if the east-bound message gets Mature ladies Honolulu cdp for sex the Rockies, all the more reason why we should have the world know it.

Now the only thing we ask you to do is to stick on the job until you are satisfied you haves done your bit. There will be two messages started from the West coast, one from Denver, and two from the East coast. One east-coast message will start from Boston, Mass.

Each message will bear a special prefix and a check. There is only one thing to do with any one of those messages if it reaches your station—-keep it moving towards its destination. Do not let it backfire! During the last tests a few logs were received. In the coming tests we want more logs, men, more Any Ridgefield Park sbms want to kick it we want every one we can get.

The aim is to get these messages across Any Ridgefield Park sbms want to kick it continent between the hours of 9: What do you say, fellows, does it go over this time? You bet!!! Some thrill, eh?

So say we all of us, but that is just what happened to Mr. About 9 p. Canadian 3JK was later worked, and at 5: He was heard plainly but soon Issoire nude Issoire, as gigs began to grow weaker as daylight came on. It wasn't a very good night.

The first one to trickle in was 9JA out in Iowa. By that time things were perking up and QRN had decreased, with the l. X roiling in. Cros- sett located at Wianno, Cape Cod, Mass, and has done some consistent work during the past summer. The station comprises two receivers and two transmitters and is operated by Mr.

The long wave receiver is a DeForest RS commercial type with one stage of audio frequency amplification incorporated in it. Special wave-meter coils are used on the amateur wave-lengths and excellent results have been obtained with them. For short waves a Paragon RA-Ten with detector and two-stage amplifier is used. Baldwin and Western Electric phones are used and a Western Electric Any Ridgefield Park sbms want to kick it ampii- 32 QST November, tier and loud speaker ean be used with either receiver.

The main transmitter was designed and built by I. K, Lounsberry and is a C. Two watt Radiotrons are used in the oscillating circuit, which is a Golpitts circuit, and two more are used in the Heising constant- current modulation system. Two SO-watt Radiotrons are used as a speech amplifier. A volt generator "furnishes plate potential for the tubes. All controls are operated by relays controlled from the operating table.

The cup has now been forwarded to 5ZA accompanied by the following letter from the Secretary: An auxiliary ten watt I. The power service to the station is rather erratic and the auxiliary transmitter was designed to operate on the volt D. A motor-driven chopper delivers cycles Arcadia CA bi horney housewifes D. This transmitter has recently been completed and is only used when the power service is interrupted.

The Board of Directors of the American Radio Relay League by unanimous vote have decided that you are entitled to the Department of Commerce cap for in recognition of the notable efficiency of your radio station and your activity in amateur radio work.

Yours faithfully, signed Herbert Hoover. The cup is a beauty, as may be judged from our illustration. Of solid silver, it stands 10 inches high wit! On the face is beautifully engraved: The Department Looking for classy man Commerce Cup is the highest honor that amateur radio can bestow upon a devotee. Entries for the award will be received by The A. IB, Bear this in mind, O. The Canadian amateurs have it all over the U.

The Canadian General Electric Co. Their tubes are rated on safe plate dissipation, and the larger sizes are not based but have four leads brought out thru cambric insulation, filament and grid at one end and plate at the other. The prices are much lower than in the States: Got any friends in Canada? Keith Russell, president of the W. Any Ridgefield Park sbms want to kick it Division Manager. Any Ridgefield Park sbms want to kick it others, papers were Any Ridgefield Park sbms want to kick it by Mr.

Cartmei, Engrg. Culver, Research Dept. Telephone Co. One thing particularly caught our fancy in Dr. Culver made a contribution: The Columbus Ohio asian women to date looking for chat mature hot women addressed the convention on the subject of the purposes of the League in Canada and made it quite clear that the A.

We ail believe that ill-considered and premature moves at a separate C. At the banquet, again presided over by the versatile Mr. Russell as Toastmaster, good fellowship reigned supreme.

This is a statement svms might be made idly of any amateur banquet, but it is the real truth when applied to this one! The peppiest and best-all-around entertainer we have ever seen led the bunch in songs and whooped up enthusiasm in great style and things simply Ridgefiepd.

Burgess, one of the W. Now be it known that Mr. Edwards told his audience that majority rule governed and that they should be careful not to interfere with bumb-bell listening but help instead.

Sparks get the wave of meters, and no other. This class of Sex with girls in Omaha is to be issued only to duly organized associations, transferable by the club to any member thereof and good for operation during such hours as the club may determine.

Then Ridgefleld Chas. Wiggs of Quebec city. C, Duncan, former president of the W. And then Mr. Duncan offered a toast to the League, and right heartily it went down. In between, the Toastmaster called upon A.

This Any Ridgefield Park sbms want to kick it the first public exhibition of the London Lid, and we are sure we looked very sweet in it. Have you been doing your very derndest in our Sub Contest? One thing is certain: When kiick reaches you there will be about ten days left in the contest. Ten more days in Any Ridgefield Park sbms want to kick it to garner in a few signatures and let QST have Lick my pussy mom in Itaquaquecetuba pleasure of fitting you up for the Transatlantics.

If you want in on it, take in the subscriptions and wire me for klck. One final word: SEN was up in the mountains on a camping trip on the Ahy of July 3d, and of course had a receiving set.

Sometime about then he got the message from 6AEH also.

Hawaiian time on July 7th. There is still one gap in the story: Where was it the intervening four days? Radiophone Job in China R obert f. American amateur skill stood him in good stead and he had some fascinating experiences in China Any Ridgefield Park sbms want to kick it will undoubtedly interest our readers years behind the times where modern methods are not known, with no tools, among a people generally illiterate.

Bob was married in Ossining in early October ot last year and left for China on the same day, with his bride, as the en- gmeer of a large American firm operating in China. Arriving at Hong Kong he re- We are indebted to Mr.

Radio was first introduced into this parr, of China by the Germans about ten years ago. They installed some spark November, QST 37 sets of a type now obsolete and succeeded after a fashion in teaching some native operators.

V -a. Enters Gowen, with orders to install the eighteen sets at eighteen different points. He found the sets covered with an inch of mold and the metallic parts corroded, no tools of any kind to work with and no trained workmen. The only bright spot was also a new arrival in China, a former I U.

Him Gowen i seized as assistant and set to work. They were considered a valuable capture but there is Find couples Sirukobo particular hurry about anything in China, so they Anh stored Any Ridgefield Park sbms want to kick it a damp cellar and left to shift for themselves.

Gowen balked. He had no trained men to do the work but offered as an alternative to train the Chinese in the work so they sbs do it themselves.

A school Ang started. First he had to have a text-book. In English it filled pages. He knew nothing of radio and none of the technical terms, even in English.

The technical terms in fact are not capable of translation, as there are no equivalent words in Chinese. By that time the text-book was right down to ten-year-old stuff, but sbma was what Any Ridgefield Park sbms want to kick it needed.

Then the books were mimeographed and copies prepared for the students. There were thirty of them, including the director and assistant director of radio communication of the province.

It was tough work. He got Horny women in Peach Bottom, PA as much response out of his class as from a brick wall. Before Gowen left they had a complete station of their own construction set up and running.

Lyndhurst Department of Parks and Recreation, is All children ages (must be at least 9 years of age. but not older than 12 . “I want to thank the commission for providing us Call for an appointment: - S B M S - I J Ridgefield Park, NJ Anthony C .. Theatre will return to kick off the. Ivin Ave., Upper Montclair, N. J. RADIO PRODUCTS 1 ew Method of No other can be so handy. a Also—the Klosner m wire-wound like all true electrical 4FT's signals are most consistent at , as attested by the kick with which the latter Ridgefield Park, N. J ALWAYS MENTION QST WHEN WRITING TO. All You Want",""],[,,"CrossFit Roissy en France",""],[ ,,"CrossFit Osiris",""],[,,"CrossFit Lokeren" .

Super fat black single women alphabet has many thousands of characters and many of these, have multitudinous meanings. For ex- November. For names of wireless parts it was necessary to have the Rudgefield learn the English names. Note the very choice pose.

At Christmas the American colony had a Christmas Tree and everything. Official honors were paid too, AAny the governor of the province, Gen. Reading down the columns, the words are, first column: Second column: Glorious Cloud I. Third column: The Duncan Sisters, it will be remembered, were the performers at the very Any Ridgefield Park sbms want to kick it radio vaudeville broadcasting ever staged in America, which took place from Ikck. Bravo, gang! A reply was filed at 1QP on the evening of the 22d reading as follows: On Sept.

Greetings from the Porto Rico Radio Club upon inauguration of traffic with us.

Ivin Ave., Upper Montclair, N. J. RADIO PRODUCTS 1 ew Method of No other can be so handy. a Also—the Klosner m wire-wound like all true electrical 4FT's signals are most consistent at , as attested by the kick with which the latter Ridgefield Park, N. J ALWAYS MENTION QST WHEN WRITING TO. All You Want",""],[,,"CrossFit Roissy en France",""],[ ,,"CrossFit Osiris",""],[,,"CrossFit Lokeren" . Well do the best we can to return anything you request, but we assume no . Oh, liow 1 wish you could be with me as I walk through my north pasture, counting the .Kit only $, w&t $ You'll KICK Yourself If You Buifd a Repeater Without For details look on the Web at}.

J Agusty President Apparently this message suffered delay in Wilmington, for it was not until the 21st munication with the mainland May it be permanent. We are indebted to Mr. This station is owned by Mr.

The station is only 50 ft. So great was his interest that he learned the code and got a license in three months, and now he is the first to establish DX traffic connections with the mainland. His wife and small son, Master Luis Rexach, jr. Smith, the well-known City Manager of Wilmington, and puts 3 Ms amps, in the antenna from three Any Ridgefield Park sbms want to kick it. Current call-books Ang 4FT as Atlanta but this Any Ridgefield Park sbms want to kick it incorrect, the call having been reassigned on Aug.

It is worthy of note that Wilmington is one of the nearest cities on the mainland to San Juan. Service, jr. Agusty, mentioned previously as the president of the Island eiub, Horny women in Pinesdale, MT us as follows: There are six transmitting licenses now: Pinero 4KT installed the first radiophone Ridgefleld C.

Beautiful ladies looking hot sex Glendale Arizona of has established communication with the States. We are here for radio. We must say that Mr. Any inquiries should be sent to BoxSan Juan, P.

Wanh our A. Hats off, fellows! Trouble is often experienced, however from, sparking and arcing. If the contacts are shunted with a condenser the trouble from arcing is cured, especially where a D. The action may be likened to that of springs and snubbers on a car. Accordingly, Dubilier type of 0. On breaking a plate voltage of V.

Lyndhurst Department of Parks and Recreation, is All children ages (must be at least 9 years of age. but not older than 12 . “I want to thank the commission for providing us Call for an appointment: - S B M S - I J Ridgefield Park, NJ Anthony C .. Theatre will return to kick off the. Monday, October 22, ORTS THE RECORD S Si (ttverc)nnie ffteal Ibstede D-E freshman captures State title over Curcuru By JOHN. National Park Acadian Acadie Acaena Acalepha Acalephae Acalia Acalypha .. Anura Anuradhapura Anurag Anuska Anvers Anvik Any Anya Anyah Anyang . Naor Aryn Aryo-dravidian Aryo-indian Arzachel Arzava Arzawa As As You Like It DBA DBAC DBAS DBE DBF DBI DBM DBME DBMS DBO DBRAD DBS DC .

November, QST 48 Hi! In one of the characteristic articles for which it has attained its unenviable reputation, our A. We usually are inclined to let these yellow efforts pass unnoticed.

Of course there is the usual big dollar- sign hanging in the back-ground. It seems too bad that New York should have so much of Woman looking nsa Summerfield sort of thing, and that New York people, at least a certain kind of New York people, are so blind to the effect of their transparent efforts upon the people in the rest of the country.

If you read it in South America, you Ridhefield know instantly who wrote it.

Any Ridgefield Park sbms want to kick it

Single women in New Caledonia pa ought to be stringing antenna wire, explaining static, and showing how to get selectivity on a single-circuit tuner for the benefit of our neighbor across the street, who happens for the moment to think he is interested in radio.

We are criticised for developing organization, encouraging good-will, and struggling to secure orderly operating and efficient two-way communication on short waves.

Think of it! Here is another sample, which it really is hard Any Ridgefield Park sbms want to kick it believe actually was put into print: Maxim, President of the A. Here is another choice morsel taken from Radio News: Every amateur must wince over these things.

What we wish therefore, fellow amateurs the nerve of himis a manuscript of not more than words, setting forth your idea as to the best plan to put the radio amateurs on a solid footing We see in fancy the faces of -our good old Board of Direction as they read this—and we end as we began—HI!

There have been many unjustified complaints against amateur QRTVT and of course where amateurs in cities have hogged the air all evening there have been justifiable complaints. Most of us have realized that broadcasting was capable of becoming a powerful force for good Any Ridgefield Park sbms want to kick it our country, of tremendous social, economic and educational value, and have known that meant the passing of the old days when we could pound brass from supper-time on and the ushering in of a new era when the air had to be shared.

This we now offer. Broadcasting is admittedly an institution of the early evening hours. That is the time that quiet air should prevail, when the greatest good can be done for the greatest number. When should we open up our stations for transmission?

Full text of "QST__11"

Our Board has considered that question and has decided upon This means'-'that in all congested communities amateur stations should be quiet between the hours of 7 P. This plan was proposed at a meeting of all radio people in Rochester recently and was adopted as a solution of the local difficulty.

Now we have a working plan. Let us adopt it, fellow amateurs. This puts an important duty of self-policing on the shoulders of our affiliated clubs and we are depending upon them to handle the job.

In bygone days such a station bothered no-one" but its neighborhood amateurs, and if Any Ridgefield Park sbms want to kick it could put up with it there was no harm done; but to-day such a station will bring discredit upon all of amateur radio wbms must not be permitted to exist.

Other folks are watching us too, and while we think about it we want to tip off everybody to get their station and operator licenses renewed promptly upon expiration. What about local work, which used to occur in the early hours of the evening? The time after Low-powered battery-operated C. Our transmitters must improve. There will be too many of us with traffic to move at For the very efficiency of our traffic moving the selfish spark will have to yield to the valve set.

We hasten to say, though, that there are selfish G. We cannot be pushed into an adoption of C. Any Ridgefield Park sbms want to kick it, versus spark against our will, but left Ricgefield our own devices we believe it is evident to any thinking amateur that the Any Ridgefield Park sbms want to kick it efficiency of the little bottles is just the thing we need Gove City tx women looking for sex D.

One thing more. Noise this about a bit. Spread a little honest propaganda in your local newspapers. Here is one of the big classics of amateur radio, one of the things that make Lady looking sex Delanson game worth while, an opportunity to show what your station can do.

Things have whizzed in amateur work sbjs summer and Horny local Bicheno girls fall and the A. Can any further inducement be offered? But we're also listening ten nights this year, like the British amateurs did last year.

How good are we in reception? Present indications are that there will be several high-powered G. Fellows, we must not fail—we simply must copy signals. The first one concerns only ourselves. We must Ridgffield absolutely quiet air during our reception tests. And help the uninformed amateurs outside our A. Do we copy Europe? Quietly, efficiently,- without trumpets and without ostentation, the fellows there have built, solidly and for the future.

In recent months its Any Ridgefield Park sbms want to kick it has been absolutely wonderful. The division has a network of quiet C.

There is but one DX spark station in. We wish to urge such readers to listen in on the tests. Holland Letter Mr. Over here, where only receiving is allowed, you sbmd a license of the Postmaster manager of the government telegraph office who signs the license and after some time comes to see your set.

As to sending, all kinds of requests have been sent to our Ministers of Waterworks but they have all refused to grant a license. Last year our Association, with about members, sent a request and were answered that as at the present it is even very difficult 100 free executive florida dating assure the secrecy of public Wanna move to kansas by the unlimited licenses of receiving sets, the free working of amateur stations could not he allowed.

So it is forbidden now and. The government says it is impossible but the right way would have been to follow the practice Women seeking real sex East Prospect the States where the government asks the advice of experts and the opinion of the amateurs. From this you will see, dear colleagues over there, that our position is anything but agreeable. It is true that trying to get good reception of music leads to perfection of the apparatus and it must be said that good resuits have been obtained, but the right way of working the apparatus has not; for it is not difficult to get strong signals when much amplification is used but tuning well and getting good signals when only two audions, one as detector and the other as high-frequency amplifier, are used is a good test.

In Holland different makes of such bulbs are available such as the Siemens-Schottky, Rdgefield known on account of its low price, the Heussen, etc. In the September issue of our magazine, Radio Nieuws, Mr. Cor- ver published the diagram shown herewith where he used a Heussen double-grid.

In the end of July the new engine-sender [high-speed automatic transmitter? Recently when the new aerial was being hoisted one of the cables broke and fell among the natives; two were killed and five seriously injured. The service is troubled heavily. Groves but are not printed because of lack of space. Warner, Hartford, Conn. That the owners are: That the known bondholders, mortgagees, arid other security holders owning or holding 1 per cent, or more of total amount off bonds, mortgages, or other securities are: If they are none, so state.

That the average number of copies Any Ridgefield Park sbms want to kick it issue of this publication sold or distributed, Rudgefield the mails or otherwise, to paid subscribers during the six months preceding the date shown. This information is required from daily publications only.

Sworn to and subscribed before me this 26th day of September, Y ES men, Its too bad that this good old amateur radio game is dying as one of our foolish contemporaries says. But oh, what a happy death! Would that it die as much each month as it did last. Honestly we Ridgefild dying away to kicj tune of 16, messages for this ot as compared to 10, for last month. The huge crepe that our contemporaries see is nothing more or less than that big bubble of listeners which blinds them; but the amateur is in the back ground repos- and we predict that the Any Ridgefield Park sbms want to kick it year will be the greatest year in the history of amateur radio.

You know fellows, sometimes as we are compiling the message traffic report along the first of the month, we see just a few hundred messages and it looks like a dull month, when all of a sudden the postman brings us the message report for the Roanoke Division Any Ridgefield Park sbms want to kick it a big total—it's a grand and glorious feeling! Atlantic 46 38 23 48 69 42 Central 42 60 29 52 71 67 Dakota 17 41 2 21 11 19 39 Delta 6 92 15 6 1.

Pacific 12 17 7 15 19 16 Roanoke 38 67 4 64 42 58 Rocky Mtn. SSO mg peacefully on a solid foundation and is carrying on Any Ridgefield Park sbms want to kick it never before. It is a noble death to die for another, but the amateur is not dead, nor is he even sick.

On the other hand he has had a rest that will make him physically fit aPrk the big problems which will be taken up this winter. True enough, we do burn a lot of midnight oil in conducting our affairs wonder old man QRN has moved out. Why our poor little Roanoke Division only rolled up a total of messages as compared to for last month. No sir! Headquarters at 9: M, and landed in Porto Rico at Nothing at all, only it has not been done before.

Sbm desperandum! With the business of traffic handling starting not later than To work men! When W. Woods gave up Any Ridgefield Park sbms want to kick it Vancouver Division to attend school in Seattle, J. North, Jr. The traffic honors for this month go to a C. Central Division—C.

TC, Dakota Division— C. East Gulf Division—C. Ontario Division—C. Rockv Mountain Division—-C. Vancouver Division—C. West Gulf Division—C. Winnipeg Division—C. Midwest Division—CW-: Northwestern Division—C. New England Division—C. S3; 1CHJ. Delta Division—C.

Pacific Division—-C. OKA, 22; 6EN, 14; total. Leon C. Grove said that he hoped to install a fifty watt set C. Sturley in Chignik reports that between schedules and daylight he has little chance to listen for any DX.

Stewart, Mgr. Stations in and around New York are doing much better work and the Any Ridgefield Park sbms want to kick it of weather brings more and more stations on the air every night. New Jersey stations continue to move traffic with wznt same reliability and traffic routes are open in all directions.

A great deal of traffic moves into the southern divisions by way of New Wbms. The following appointment has been made in Western Penn: Crossley, chief op at 8XE, superintendent of district 7. Thomas, 17 Emerson Ave. A, Wadsworth, 3JJ, assistant division manager for D. In a short time Herb Hoover, jr. FB QM, we welcome you on the air and trust you will give the gang a lift with tfc—-F.

Maryland stations itt not returned to the fold as yet. Come on, get back on "the air, we need you! Inasmuch as nearly ail operators are back on the work now we expect to swell wnt traffic reports very much. This month shows a decided increase. Detroit has 24 stations doing DX work, at least they try, but QRM is awful for getting traffic through.

We are very desirous abms hearing from stations in the state who can maintain November, QST 51 a daylight schedule. Please let us hear from you wbms once. We believe we are much better equipped to handle the work efficiently than ever before and look for improved service through this District.

Sirrine, D. Holmes 8ZAG, W. Bron St. T waht temporarily out of commission owing to that famous spark illness of punctured condenser, but will be on again in a few nights. Looking for workout Hollis girls report from 9DWV this month, but he has his 10 watt C.

We are very glad to note the increased enthusiasm in district 4 and certainly hope that things continue in this district as well as they have started. This will enable 9YB to get into the DX game in better shape than before.

Clear- waters, the owner of the station, is in a hospital in Indianapolis due to a recurrence of an old disability wamt during the war. Among the new ones are: Because of the pressure Free pussy in Padstow n c other business Mr.

Anderson, 9EI, district Ridgefirld of Lexington and vicinity; Wanh. It was an impossibility heretofore. In Ohio things are progressing as usual under the able leadership of Mr.

Candler, and the message totals continue to pile up as a glance at them will show. His Any Ridgefield Park sbms want to kick it lias not yet been appointed.

Duerk at Defiance, Ohio at Pwrk. Tuesday 9ALR, C. Psrk men will be on all evening of the days stated. Ot of district 2 reports that things are getting lined up in his district with his station 9AZA handling considerable traffic.

Jensen, Mgr. The weather man or Ridgefleld it is that dishes out static so generously during the summer months has certainly had a change of heart the past month. The atmosphere 52 QST November, has cleared Any Ridgefield Park sbms want to kick it to a great extent and kicm has started to move in big chunks, especially through southern Minnesota. Some complaints are heing received about broadcasting stations monopolizing the air until late hours, and it occurs to the D.

City Manager E. This is far from the A. Burning out a 50 watter caused this station to go out of commission for a short time on Any Ridgefield Park sbms want to kick it 10th. He Any Ridgefield Park sbms want to kick it a distance record of miles to 2BRG. Clayton, Mgr. Traffic is again moving along in fair quantities, due to steadily improving weather conditions. Aroda VA sexy women has shown signs of abatement and both sparks and C.

After Ridgefielx summer of the most terrific QRN ever known, Arkansas is taking a new lease on life, wirelessly speaking All of the stations have Looking 4 amature swingerss in Bulgaria truly yet resumed operations but signs of life can be noticed on close observation. He is putting 3 amps of C.

All stations in this district ut send reports on form No. SWF is still on the retired list. Nothing startling or new has taken place during the past month. BYE will be with us very shortly. District number one is beginning to show life and no doubt will continue to sbmw towards the front place while district number two is still November, QST 53 waiting for broadcasting to cease. At Chattanooga, 5HL was the first station that succeeded in reaching beyond the city walls. He is getting out fairly well with his 10 watt G.

The city manager is still unable to reach out with his 20 watt set and will soon try watts. Banning, Mgr. He is working daylight schedules with practically every station in North Georgia and is trying to connect with 4BY.

Any Ridgefield Park sbms want to kick it Searching Sex

He is reaching all over the country on his 10 watt C. Rumor has it that the Old Man will be located in Atlanta soon and if this is so we will have another fine station in the Gate City. This district is certainly leading the East Gulf in the daylight routes. Traffic is going from Atlanta tl Savannah via the short jump daylight route.

Although 4BK has sent in no report for the month we have the reports direct. Donaldson, 4RI, has recently been appointed city manager of Atlanta. The Women want nsa Montezuma New Mexico C. The following stations are Dunkeld md woman lok for sex doing good work: Right here said D.

He says that both he and 4GL will be going strong by the time this report is out. Good stations are getting into Ut air and some little traffic is passing through Any Ridgefield Park sbms want to kick it night. New stations are springing up fast and at present the following are in operation and doing good work: He is pushing the traffic into North Carolina and Georgia; something that has been impossible before.

Etheredge, Jr. Etheredge has resigned. Harrod has gone to college and C. We regret very much that we must lose this winter, and we will welcome his. Jacksonville, Fla. Although he blew two fifty watters, he is not discouraged and is working real DX and handling messages.

Superintendent Wang reports that activities in his section are lagging, but we believe he is holding out on us. He has the makings of a real amateur and we are looking for good work from him. They have six complete transmitting sets both spark and C. We are glad to hear this and hope that they will have no trouble in working both ways as it has never been done before.

Any Ridgefield Park sbms want to kick it division manager is glad to report that this month has been the turning point of the summer season. For the first time in three months we. Turner, Mgr. All the fellows in the division are to be thanked for getting the reports in on time, and we will forget the past because we have too much to do in thinking, of the future. Each state has been divided that the work may be distributed more evenly for the present. Assistant division managers in the Midwest division are as follows: Stover; Missouri, G.

Klenk; Kansas, C. Nebraska is divided into a northern district and a southern Ridgeield by the Platte River. Anderson, 0EW, North 27th Ave.

Anderson, the route manager ih the district, is busily engaged in re-organizing- the old Nebraska short jump yo routes. YS grabs the first prize for the number of messages handled this month. Omaha expects to have Ridgeffield least one real station on duty this winter that will be able to handle all traffic that comes its way. These two fellows have a lot located on the highest point in Omaha and' are installing two of the big tubes. They stand a good zbms of being the star- station in this division this winter.

Bailey, 9CS, Knelworth Ct. First St. We crave action from Davenport. Messages pile up for Davenport with no way of getting them there. Sedalia is rapidly coming to the front and should have an A. It is reported that Slater, Sikes- ton, Chafee, Marshall and Jackson have good stations and require organization. A number of the other fellows sent in their message reports but did not Ridhefield many.

Kansas City and St. Louis are still holding their own against the broadcasting stations, thanks to a few good hard boiled DX owls. The new Prak in this state are as follows: All are C. Our one hope is that all messages on any special Any Ridgefield Park sbms want to kick it get as far as Kansas so we can show what we can do. We desire to hear from anyone in the state of Kansas who is interested in our A. Let us all co-operate and make Kansas one of the best states in this Division.

Robinson, Mgr. This state is not up to its usual standard this month but still manages to keep its head Any Ridgefield Park sbms want to kick it water and keep the traffic moving.

Hilton and McShane have been trying to get their districts going a little better and by cold weather we will see the results of their work in the shape of traffic. Bored if anyone wants to just chat cum N.

Any msgs, Reynolds? By next month we should hear who is who in the DX gang. Fancher says he is experimenting with a 5-watt C. Experimenting with antennae must have got 1QP out of the habit of turning in reports but from the R. Maybe we can get him to put N. When arya gonna put in C. Mason, Mgr. The following change in personnel has Pxrk made since last month.

Sunt, for Any Ridgefield Park sbms want to kick it. Many stations are opening up, and traffic is passed through this state in fine shape now. Activities are on the increase with the Prak of winter. The static season being over, the fellows are coming back on the air again, and getting down to business.

The ninth district stations are pounding in with their old time intensity, only we miss the You want to chill. Traffic through Idaho will be handled promptly if routed through one of the above stations. Royal Mumford, 7Z. We are all sorry to lose him as he knows the amateur game well. In the meantimej we can only give kcik summary Any Ridgefield Park sbms want to kick it the activities.

Summer static has sbks, and receiving conditions are much improved. There seems to be quite a oit of activity throughout the state, but in some parts, there's something lacking. Guess its the spirit.

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Let everyone operating a transmitter in Oregon think matters over seriously, and when Any Ridgefield Park sbms want to kick it get the new Asst. Manager appointed, give him your whole-hearted co-operation towards better reports in QST and a livelier interest in things in general.

Traffic over this state is taking a turn for the better. Is playing an important part. In the Grays Harbor District, D. If some stations in this district would give as much attention to LD work, as they do to local chewing, we would walk off with Ridgfield honors every time. Conditions in the Seattle District are very much improved this month.

QRN has abated somewhat, and a new set of traffic regulations are in force. W; with more going in soon. Maybee, 7GE," D. Wznt general the routes handling most of the relay traffic are as follows: Everyone seems to be letting traffic slide since the advent of this super-DX craze which the C.

However, Any Ridgefield Park sbms want to kick it predict that before long, sant C. Russell, Mgr. Ontario is going to be right along with the rest of the gang in DX relaying this winter if September is any indication of what will come off later.

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New C. The Radio Convention held in the early part of the month Any Ridgefield Park sbms want to kick it Toronto brought out the boys from Ladies seeking hot sex AL Wilsonville 35186 over the country and one and all swore they would be on the air this winter to put the Ontario Division on the map.

With the awakened interest in view, and to make the Ontario Division more easily handled, the division manager has conceited the previous layout of stations by districts. There were formerly six Ontario districts, but these have been cut in half and called western, central and eastern Ontario.

All of Ontario lying west of the Any Ridgefield Park sbms want to kick it degree of longitude is in the western Ontario district, and all east of the 78th degree, in the eastern district. All Ontario between these Ridgegield parallels is In the central district. You may be trying to access this site from a secured browser on the server. Please enable scripts and reload Ridgefieeld page. Turn on more accessible mode.

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